Heroic vs. NiP Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 13 Match Analysis

ESL Pro League Heroic Vs NIP

FURIA swept G2 away without breaking a sweat. And I mean that; I’m not bashing on G2 – FURIA strolled through that match, losing only 15 rounds in the process. Not only were the Brazilians at the top of their game, G2 was absolutely terrible. Virtus.pro did a bit better, but it wasn’t enough to swing past in-form Complexity. The NA side will fancy their shot against the loser of Heroic vs. NiP, that’s for sure!

What’s there to be told about Heroic vs. NiP predictions? What kind of experience are we going to have when we tune in to the action next week?

Well, it’s going to be entertaining, that’s for sure!

Could be a dull start, though, considering the lengthy pause both teams had to go through since their final group stage clash. If you’re looking for valuable info you can use on your favorite CSGO betting sites, just keep on reading and we’ll bring you right up to speed!

Heroic vs. NiP Betting Predictions

Before we start dissecting this lineup, let’s explain the complexity behind the play-in stage. For starters, there’s no direct elimination here. I know, I know, it’s weird because we’ve already seen a couple of top-tier teams get eliminated in the last two playoffs rounds.

However, the play-in stage is not technically a part of the single-elimination playoff bracket.

It’s a separate section that’s set to decide who fills in the remaining spot in the quarterfinals and semifinals. Yep, the losing team has to go through the hassle of the qfs while the winner gets a direct spot in the semis.


First things first – let’s quickly go through both teams’ group stage efforts and see if we can extract some valuable information out of it! As you probably know, Heroic finished group A with a perfect 5-0 on the scoreboard. Only Gambit and Heroic are still undefeated on this event.

Ninjas in Pyjamas ended group B with 4 wins and a loss. The loss came in the opening round against G2, but didn’t phase NiP one bit. They came back stronger than ever, slapping together four consecutive wins, and ought to be looking for the fifth against Heroic.

As far as head-to-head clashes go, this is their first in 2021! They did have two clashes late last year, both of which went in the favor of Heroic. Just something to keep in mind before we start digging deeper here.

Roster Strengths

What’s up with REZ? I mean, he’s been absolutely fuming with confidence on this tournament. He’s been the best NiP player this event… and by quite the margin. He’s fragging, he’s clutching, he’s showing off his vast pallet of skills, and it’s basically what pushed NiP through to the play-in stage.

On the other end of the server, there’s another fine player ready to strut his stuff!

Of course, I’m referring to cadiaN here! The 25-year-old Danish magician has been absolutely incredible at this event. Just like REZ, cadiaN has been the key factor in his team… and coming into this match, all eyes will be on them!

We aren’t done here just yet!

  • Both teams have one in-form player, but what else do they have?
  • How do their rosters compare head-to-head?

Well, it’s difficult to address these sorts of comparisons, that’s for sure… but if we are to judge them by what we’ve seen in the group stage, Heroic looks like the superior side here.

Please Note:
Form-wise, strats-wise, map-pool-wise, and roster-wise, they are the favorites. However, take that with a grain of salt because NiP aren’t too far off! They’re close to their Scandinavian brethren across all departments, which ought to mean we’re in for a thrilling contest here!

Map Depth

Let’s say a few words about the map pool strengths (and weaknesses) on both ends before we wrap up our Heroic vs. NiP betting predictions! Looking back at the most recent matchups, it’s safe to assume Heroic’s superiority on Overpass and Vertigo. Not only are cadiaN and the boys excellent on both; NiP are anything but…

However, NIP has a few aces up their sleeves too!

For starters, Heroic’s permaban (Dust 2) is one of their stronger maps. Train ought to be a map they’re going to go for here, though Heroic’s 40% win rate in the last five outings is not to be taken for granted. In the end, I guess this match is going to be decided on either Mirage or Inferno, seeing as those two are the likeliest candidates for the third map.

Heroic vs. NiP Betting Predictions
Heroic to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

This one was rough to call, that I’ll admit! I first thought about opting for NiP, for the sake of keeping the upset game alive. But, then I went back to double-check the stats and realized Heroic are superior in every department. Ever so slightly, but still superior!

At -167, we’re getting good value here! If cadiaN can keep his form up and Heroic gets a fine draw in the banning phase, they should be able to conquer NiP and qualify for the semifinals.

Remember, even though we’re knees deep into ESL Pro League S13 single-elimination bracket, the play-in stage doesn’t automatically eliminate the losing team. The loser has to go through an additional stage (the quarterfinals). Don’t get me wrong here, though, the stakes are still sky-high here even without direct elimination on the line…

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