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We’re at the business end of the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. Just four teams remain in the equation, and two of them will get a spot on the Finals. Today, we’re here to focus on Heroic vs. OG betting predictions, because it ought to offer much more value than Liquid vs. MAD Lions.

Yep, G2 lost to MAD Lions and continue their slump. It’s just ten days before the Major and NiKo and co aren’t looking well. But, the second match is going to be all about Team Liquid. NAF and Stewie2K were absolutely brilliant against Virtus.pro, and they should cruise to a win against MAD.

Back to the topic at hand, though – let’s check out the odds then closely inspect both sets of players!

Complexity vs OG Odds

Here are the odds for this CSGO matchup:

Heroic to win:
OG to Win:
OG +1.5:
Heroic -1.5:

Disclaimer – odds are subject to change

Even though OG is in a fine form, Heroic’s teamwork and cohesion (and overall form in recent months) makes them the slightest of favorites coming into this one. But, looking at the odds, there’s value across the board. All we need to do is analyze the encounter and determine which option is the likeliest one.

Heroic vs. OG Betting Predictions

Historically, Heroic and OG played three head-to-head clashes this year. Heroic won the first two, in January and March, while OG took them down on IEM Fall just two weeks ago. That said, Heroic might be the better team on paper, but the form and their latest h2h clash emphasize OG’s qualities.

Seems to me our Heroic vs. OG betting predictions will be pretty complicated!

Heroic Betting Preview

The biggest difference between Heroic and OG right now is the fact the Danish side is going to play on the PGL Major next week. OG failed to qualify despite beating them on IEM Fall, meaning they desperately need to qualify for Fall Finals here.

But, Heroic know what’s at stake here. Even though they failed to keep their spot within the Legend tier, they’re still through to the Major… and qualifying for BLAST Fall Finals would be the icing on an already well-executed season.

Obviously, they’ll be fancying their chances here. And why wouldn’t they – all five of their players are doing well. They’ve always been one of those teamwork-based teams and they ought to continue in the same fashion tomorrow. CSGO is a team game, and Danish teams are always there to emphasize that, especially in crucial matches like this one.

Maps-wise, Heroic should have the advantage on Nuke and Overpass. They’ve been pretty strong on Vertigo too, but that’s OG’s permaban. Inferno is Heroic’s highest-percentage map, but OG haven’t lost a single outing in eight matches. If Inferno gets to be the decider, things could get really messy!

OG Betting Preview

Once again, OG failed to qualify for the PGL Major. They are one of the most notable absentees, alongside Fnatic, FPX,. And Complexity. They have one match to try and save their season – should they defeat Heroic, they’d qualify for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals and contest for a rather hefty prize pool.

Thus far in 2021, OG have won just one event – Spring Sweet Spring #2 in early June. Their biggest pot came from ESL Pro League Season 14 where they got eliminated in the semifinals. Their form was pretty good right up until IEM XVI Fall, the tournament they had to play well on to qualify for the biggest CSGO event ever.

Individually, mantuu and flameZ have been OG’s best performers. The 18-year-old Israeli talent has been making ways with OG, asserting dominance over the opposition and developing into one of the hottest young prospects in the game.
If he can continue rising up for big occasions, we might end up seeing him lead OG to something notable A fine start would be a strong performance against Heroic, in what I’ll dare call the most important match of his career with OG.

Both teams will bring forth their A-game to this one, there’s no doubt about it!

Wrapping Things Up

Here’s the wrap-up:

Heroic vs. OG Betting Predictions:
Total maps over 2.5!!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. Check out our BetOnline review here.

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Going with any of the two match-winners is a high-risk maneuver. These two are going to go back and forth tomorrow, round in and round out, with decider map practically guaranteed! We’re going to see a proper show tomorrow, and no matter how hard we look at the stats and facts surrounding this game, there’s no way we can pick a clear winner.
That said, we’re all done with our Heroic vs. OG betting predictions!
Until next time,
May the odds be in your favor!
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