Liquid vs. Astralis Betting Predictions | 2021 BLAST Premier World Final Picks

Liquid vs. Astralis Betting Predictions | 2021 BLAST Premier World Final Picks

What a match we have on our hands, boys and girls! The fourth day of BLAST Premier World Final is just around the corner and we have two outstanding clashes coming right up! Betting predictions for G2 vs. NaVi, the first clash, are already up. Make sure you check them out. As for the second matchup, we’re proud to introduce you to our Liquid vs. Astralis betting predictions!

These two go a long way! Back in 2018 (and even earlier), Liquid and Astralis were the end all be all of the CSGO esports scene. They kept meeting in grand finals of massive events, and it was Astralis who were usually winning those clashes. True, Liquid did have a splendid summer in 2019 when they rose to the top of the world, but it was only after a long period of Astralis’ dominance.

Nowadays, neither of the two are near the top of the food chain, with the likes of NaVi, G2 and Vitality stealing the show.

Liquid vs. Astralis Odds

For starters, here are the CSGO odds for this matchup:

Liquid to win :
Astralis to Win:
Liquid -1.5:
Astralis +1.5:
Disclaimer – odds are subject to change

Yep, this couldn’t be any tighter. CSGO betting websites give Liquid the slightest of advantages. But, mind you, it really is the slightest of – both teams are in negative, meaning this could indeed go both ways.

What about total maps wagers? Over 2.5 is at -112, under 2.5 is at -114. How come? Well, both teams have clutch potential and run off early game momentum. Long story short, Liquid vs. Astralis betting predictions are as complex as they come. It’s basically lottery…

Liquid vs. Astralis Betting Predictions

As mentioned earlier, Liquid and Astralis go way back. But, in 2021, they played just three head-to-head clashes. Astralis won the first two, and Liquid won the latest one just two weeks ago. It was on IEM XVI Winter lower bracket round 2 and the NA team obliterated Astralis, giving them just eleven rounds across two maps.

While this isn’t that important, it’s definitely something to keep in mind for the remainder of our Liquid vs. Astralis betting picks!

Liquid Betting Preview

Current Roster

  • FalleN (IGL)
  • Grim
  • Stewie2K
  • amaNEk
  • Liquid started this event with a marvelous win against Natus Vincere. Cough, cough – we predicted it – cough, cough. And while they did play well against the second-best CIS team too, they couldn’t get into the decider map and ended up losing 16:2. Overpass isn’t exactly their best map, but one would think they’d be able to put up a fight against Gambit, especially after beating NaVi on it.

    But, there’s one thing you need to know about Team Liquid here. It’s the fact that they have absolutely no pressure on their shoulders here. They’re playing their final dance in the current lineup, with just NAF and eliGE set to remain in Liquid following the end of this event.

    This is a mitigating circumstance for them, and if anything will help them overcome Astralis, it’s the fact there’s no pressure. Astralis ought to be aware of this, though, and they will keep their eyes peeled and open for everything and anything the NA side throws at them.

    Astralis Betting Preview

    Current Roster

    • gla1ve (IGL)
    • Xyp9x
    • k0nfig
    • BlameF
    • Lucky

    Now let’s talk a bit about Astralis! They fell into the lower bracket right off the bat, following a thomping by ZywOo’s Vitality. K0nfig and the company turned the tide around in the lower bracket, eliminating Ninjas in Pyjamas in the first round. Now they’re up against Team Liquid, a team they know vey well.

    Maps-wise, Liquid are superior on Mirage, Overpass, and Vertigo. One of those is bound to be banned, though Astralis don’t really have a permaban but a 2-map banning system depending on who they’re playing against. It’s typically between Overpass and Vertigo. Considering the fact Liquid are well-versed on both, it will be interesting to see which map Astralis opts for in the end.

    Don’t think the Great Danes don’t have their own maps to push here. Dust 2 and Ancient have been pretty good for them recently, though the latter is Liquid’s permaban. Inferno and Nuke see them as statistical favorites too, though the difference isn’t that big on either end.

    Overall, I’ll dare to say Liquid has the slightest of advantages as far as map pool goes. When everything else is as level-headed as they come, nuances like map pool stats could be what decides this tie.

    Wrapping Things Up

    We’ve touched everything that needed addressing. Now is the time to wrap this puppy up and explore the next important BLAST Premier World Final clash!

    Liquid vs. Astralis Betting Predictions:
    Liquid to win

    Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. Check out our BetOnline review here.

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    Yep, we’re going with Liquid here. I got two reasons for you – if you agree with me, don’t hesitate to place your bet. If you don’t, feel free to counter it.

    The first reason lies in the fact Liquid have no pressure on their shoulders. The second reason lies in their slightly superior map pool. These two, on their own, don’t really mean much for a match as tight as this one. But, combined, they’re just enough to pull the odds in Liquid’s direction.

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