Liquid vs. Astralis Betting Predictions | IEM XV Global Challenge Grand Final Analysis

Liquid vs. Astralis Betting Predictions | IEM XV Global Challenge Grand Final Analysis

Oh, what a match we’ll get to enjoy tomorrow! Oh, what a thrilling CSGO contest, one that we’ve been waiting for all this year. Yep, it’s official… Liquid defeated BIG on Nuke just a few minutes ago and are now through to the grand finals. They’ll be playing against the Great Danes, following their superb win against NaVi earlier today.

Liquid vs. Astralis predictions will be a fine way of wrapping up our 2020 CSGO betting endeavors, don’t you agree?

Liquid vs. Astralis is one of just a few matchups that are suitable for the grand finals of the final event in a year. 2020 hasn’t been easy on CSGO, but at least we have a fantastic matchup ahead of us… one that’ll definitely be a fine closure to the year!

Liquid vs. Astralis Predictions

Just when everyone had thought the NA CSGO is dead, in came Team Liquid (seemingly out of nowhere) and snatched grand finals on the last top-tier event of the year… against Astralis of all teams, mind you. This special occasion ought to bring the best in both these sets of players – we really should be in for a cracker!

As for our Liquid vs. Astralis predictions, we’ll do the usual stuff. We’re going to kick things off by checking out the form on both ends. We’re talking about some of the most popular CSGO teams out there, teams that have a rich history of head-to-head matches, so the form will indeed tell us a lot about them and their aspirations.

On top of that, we’ll also be checking out the map pool stats which are always important, especially in a Bo5 contest such as this one. There’s just one more thing we’ll be exploring before wrapping our Liquid vs. Astralis predictions up – rosters.

There’s plenty of talents on both ends, but I’m sure we’ll find the nuances separating these two.


By defeating BIG, Liquid won big! Not only are they set to battle against Astralis for an extra $100,000 on top of the $100,000 they already have… but they’ve also qualified for BLAST Premier Global Finals. Yep, Liquid managed to qualify against all odds. No one really expected them to squeeze through, especially after BIG topped group A.

But, now that the semifinals are behind us and Liquid are through to the Global Finals next year, it’s time to focus on the final match of 2020… against Astralis of all teams, mind you. Why does that matter? Well, if you go to Liquid’s results and scroll back to 2018, you’ll see a bunch of second-place finishes courtesy of Astralis. The Great Danes bested the boys in blue five times that year; five times they stood between them and the title. The trend continued in 2019 too, following a brief disturbance on iBUYPOWER Masters IV where Liquid finally managed to beat Astralis in the grand final of a notable event.

Long story short, Liquid and Astralis go a long way. They used to represent the best of EU and the best of NA… and from the looks of recent matches, they might be back on top! Both will be fancying their chances at finishing the year off with a title, and both will come into this with all their might. It’s going to be a fine encounter, no doubt about that!

Map Pool Stats

What do you guys thin, which of these two has a deeper map pool? Well, I have bad news for everyone thinking the map pool section would finalize our Liquid vs. Astralis predictions. You see, things are pretty close as far as the map pool stats are concerned. Liquid’s past matches on Dust 2, Nuke, and Overpass make them a pretty dangerous opponent for Astralis.

However, the Great Danes are always tough to play on Nuke, even though it’s not exactly their safest map anymore.

On top of that, they’ll also feel superior on Vertigo and Train, although the latter is Liquid’s permaban. What has to be pointed out here is the fact that this is a Bo5 encounter, and we all know just how strong Astralis players prepare ahead of such clashes. Not trying to belittle Team Liquid, I’m just stating the obvious here.

Individual Stats

Even though Team Liquid is looking better and better with each passing match, I reckon Astralis has to be pointed as the winner in this section. Their teamwork, ever since gla1ve’s IGL return, is just a level above everyone else. BIG succeeded in strategically outplaying the Great Danes… but that’s about it as far as poor matches come. Astralis are, once again, a force to be reckoned with and Liquid are well-aware of this.

Liquid vs. Astralis Predictions
Astralis -1.5 Handicap!

At the moment, Astralis match-winner is at -385 and it’s just not worth it. I mean, it’s bound to go through, but at -385, I just don’t think it’s enough to justify the stake. Handicap on Astralis (-1.5) seems like a far more viable solution. At -179, it’s definitely a nice accumulator base, or even a mid-stake single. If you want even more risk, Astralis -2.5 handicap is at +182. While I do think that’s overkill, especially against a team of Liquid’s caliber (and form), feel free to do some accumulator experimentations… although, unfortunately, there aren’t that many matches to combine this one with.

Why do I believe Astralis is going to take this one without going into the fifth map?

Well, if the map pool stats aren’t enough, then surely Astralis’ recent displays have to be! They’ve been absolutely brilliant against Vitality and NaVi. Haters will say “but Liquid beat BIG and Astralis lost 2:0”… and while that is true, it doesn’t do either of the two teams a lot of justice, not to mention our Liquid vs. Astralis predictions.

Anyways, that’s it from this piece. In fact, that’s it from our esports picks section as far as 2020 goes. See you guys next year.

Donnie out for the last time this year.

Happy holidays folks!

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