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Team Liquid Vs Chaos Esports

The group stages of DreamHack Summer events (all four of them) are in full flow. There haven’t been that many surprises, except perhaps for the dropped invitations from some of the biggest NA and EU teams. The show went on without them, and it’s bound to provide us with enjoyable CS:GO action all the way! The next notable match on the NA side of the table is the winners’ round contest between Liquid and Chaos. Of course, I’ve prepared in-depth Liquid vs. Chaos predictions that should help us continue our DreamHack Summer betting record.

Liquid vs. Chaos Predictions

Liquid used to be the only NA side that could wreak havoc upon the best EU teams out there. Nowadays, they’re not even considered as the best NA team anymore. Their form fell down significantly, and they had to search for a roster change to mix things up and hopefully put them back where they belong – at the top of the NA region and close to the top of the entire CS:GO competitive sphere.

Is 19-year-old Michael “Grim” Wince the player that can transform this Liquid roster and bring back former glory?

Well, judging by his triumphs during his stay at Triumph (pardon the pun), it wouldn’t be a massive surprise. It will take some time for him to adjust to the team and for the team to adjust to his playstyle, but once everything syncs up, Team Liquid will be a proper best.

As for Chaos, they’re coming into this match with a relatively new roster. Leaf and Jonji arrived in June, Xeppa arrived a month earlier. Together, this Chaos lineup participated in three events and won all three of them. They weren’t top-tier competitions by any means, but still – wins are wins, they do wonders to teams’ morale.

Before we go any further into our Liquid vs. Chaos predictions, let’s talk a bit about the crucial things you need to know if you are to place your first CS:GO bet soon!

Key Things to Know Before Placing Your First CS:GO Bet

Never underestimate the importance of map pool depth! Map pool mismatches play a vital role in CS:GO betting endeavors, so you as a CS:GO betting enthusiast have to be extra careful. Often times, the map pool is the sole factor that decides tight contests… and we’re not just talking about Bo3s but Bo1s and Bo5s too. Map pool depth is important across CS:GO’s a competitive spectrum, meaning it should not be taken for granted!

Another thing you should keep in mind is the nature of the event.

Typically, in normal circumstances, CS:GO’s competitive scene is packed with LAN (read offline) events. Their online counterparts are rarer and typically revolve around lower-tier competitions. However, everything’s been mixed up in these trying times, meaning every event is online. Online events, as their name suggests, happen online which introduces latency – not high, but existent… and every millisecond counts in the world of competitive CS:GO. It’s just something to keep in mind before placing your first CS:GO wager.

With all that out of our way, it’s time to turn our attention back to Liquid vs. Chaos predictions and try to get that extra money we’ll need for our ESL One Cologne betting campaign!

Recent Matches

As mentioned earlier, this new Chaos roster played just three events together, but they won all three of them. That won’t phase Team Liquid, but it will allow steel and the boys to come into this match with heads held high.

As for Team Liquid, their overall results in recent months haven’t been that good. Heck, they only have one title to show off in 2020, ESL Pro League S11. They had two semifinal runs as well as a loss in the grand finals of DH Masters Spring. For those of you who don’t remember, FURIA took the $20,000 main prize with a slick 3-0 on the scoreboard.

With Grim onboard, Liquid have looked pretty solid against ZPG and will want to keep that form running. Qualifying for the playoffs without a loss would be a great statement and should serve as a confidence boost ahead of the thrilling elimination matches.

Map Pool Depth

If we’re to blindly trust the stats, we’d have to side with Chaos in the map pool department. Yep! Believe it or not, Chaos is superior on four maps, including Dust 2, Mirage, Nuke, and Train. They’re close to a 90% win rate during the last three months on the last two maps, whereas Liquid’s highest win rate is 80% on Overpass.

Liquid Vs Chaos Map Stats

However, we can’t blindly trust the stats here because Chaos had much easier opponents than Team Liquid. Even though Liquid’s numbers seem inferior, and even with Grim onboard as the newest addition, I still reckon Liquid should have a more favorable third map… if it comes to it, that is.

Individual Performers

Should we even talk about this one? I mean, I don’t want Chaos fans hating on me… but Team Liquid (even when out of form) has a far superior roster. Quality is one thing, for another – but there’s still no point in comparing these two with Liquid still featuring the likes of eliGE, Twistzz, and Stewie2K in their roster.

That said, I do believe Chaos players have qualities of their own.

For starters, they’ve been absolutely killing it against lower-tier teams in the last month or so. They’ve been doing so across a wide number of maps, and with in-form Xeppaa, I reckon they’ll manage to take a map against the boys in blue.

Which map could it be? It’s not going to be Train, that’s for sure – Liquid will be sure to ban that one right off the bat. Mirage is a solid choice; Team Liquid’s recent performances on Mirage have been rather unimpressive, to say the least.

Liquid vs. Chaos Predictions
Correct Score 2-1 for Liquid

Yep, I’m going with correct score here! If that’s too risky for you, you can always go with total maps over 2.5. But, if you’re like me and you love taking risks every now and then, Liquid to win 2-1 at +180 will definitely be right up your alley. Don’t go overboard with the stake, though! Low to mid stake, nothing more than that!

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