Liquid vs. Cloud9 Betting Predictions | Dreamhack Masters Spring NA Picks & Betting Odds

Liquid vs. Cloud9 Betting Predictions | Dreamhack Masters Spring NA Picks & Betting Odds

It’s not good, boys! We’re on a losing streak… again! We have to do something about it otherwise our betting bankroll might not live to see the BLAST Premier Finals next week. The match that could help us out big time is Liquid vs. Cloud9. It’s the Lower Bracket Round 2 match that decides who’s going up against 100 Thieves in the Upper Bracket Finals. As always, we got our Liquid vs. Cloud9 predictions ready for you, packed with useful information that will shed more light on both sides.

With that in mind, everyone interested in placing a few CS:GO bets on this particular match should keep on reading because the following paragraphs ought to help you make the right decision!

Liquid vs. Cloud9 Betting Predictions

As you’d come to expect, Team Liquid is the heavy favorite coming into this upper bracket round 2 match against Cloud9. However, even the biggest CS:GO bookies don’t consider Liquid as big of a favorite as the community thinks they are. At roughly -220, Team Liquid is the favorite, but the difference is much narrower than you initially thought, right?

Recent Results

You see, that’s mainly because of Team Liquid’s poor performances in recent weeks. Not only did Team Liquid lose against Chaos and FURIA but against 100 Thieves and Cloud9 as well. Yep, Team Liquid lost to Cloud9 on ESL One: Road to Rio NA, in the third-place match. These results are what skewed the odds a bit, but nothing that will have a great impact on our Liquid vs. Cloud9 predictions.

Don’t get me wrong – Cloud9 wasn’t really a powerhouse either. They won one and lost one against MIBR, lost to EG, Triumph, and 100T, but then came back to win against EG and Liquid. That’s quite the mix and mash of results they got going on here, which is something we’ll have to take into account for our Liquid vs. Cloud9 predictions.

Map Pool Discrepancies

Even though Cloud9 defeated Liquid in their last head to head match, I still find it nearly impossible for floppy and the boys to make it two in a row against Team Liquid. Plus, Liquid’s map pool superiority is pretty obvious. The boys in blue have much better stats on Dust 2, Mirage, and Nuke. Inferno and Vertigo are no man’s land, while Train and Overpass should go in favor of Cloud9.

Overall, Team Liquid’s strengths are much stronger in numbers than that of Cloud9, which is why are CS:GO picks are as follows:

Liquid vs. Cloud9 Predictions

Yep – even though this is a simple match-winner on Team Liquid in a match against Cloud9, the odds are still pretty solid because of Team Liquid’s group stage difficulties. I honestly think bookies are going to be on the losing end of this one, as there’s no way Cloud9 get the better of eliGE and the boys. Team Liquid, with all of the problems they’re currently going through, is still a vastly better team than Cloud9. With that said, I reckon our money is safe with a solid profit potential here!

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