Liquid vs. Cloud9 Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Playoffs Betting Predictions

Liquid vs. Cloud9 Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Playoffs Betting Predictions

Team Liquid was no match to the fierce Brazilians! Twistzz and the boys went down without a fight and messed up yesterday’s CS:GO picks. Yes, we did go with FURIA to win, but we also went with FURIA to win 2-1. Unfortunately, Liquid wasn’t able to take a map off the Brazilians, and now they have to face off against Cloud9 in the third-place matchup. So yeah – hello and welcome to our Liquid vs. Cloud9 predictions, packing the final piece of the ESL One: Road to Rio NA puzzle for all you CS:GO betting enthusiasts out there.

Some of you may think this match bears no importance seeing as it’s the third-place matchup. Well, it’s true… to an extent. While this match doesn’t have a prestige aspect to it, it does bear importance in terms of RTR points and prize money. The team that wins this match $2,000 extra in their pockets, alongside 100 additional ESL One: Road to Rio qualification points. Considering both extras, I reckon we’ll see a tightly contested match with no performance calculations in the background.

How to Start Placing CS:GO Bets Online?

If you’re yet to place an online wager, there are many things you should know about. I’m not trying to scare you away, I’m just trying to help you get the most out of your online betting adventure.

The most important thing here is to find good CS:GO betting sites. Without good bookies, your online betting experience won’t be a good one! You’ll be plagued with low odds, a low number of esports markets, and little to no coverage depth. Join a good bookie and stick with it – that’s the biggest advice you can get at the moment.

Another advice I can give you is don’t bet too much money right off the bat. Take things slowly and don’t make higher stakes until you gather enough know-how… not just in terms of CS:GO’s esports scene but online betting too!

Liquid vs. Cloud9 Predictions

Now that we’ve shared some valuable CS:GO betting advice, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and concentrate on Liquid vs. Cloud9 predictions! I’m going to try and keep things as short and concise as possible here, so let’s jump straight to the chase and check out if Cloud9 stands a change against angry Team Liquid!

Liquid’s Surprising Elimination

Yep – Twistzz and the boys ought to be very angry and are likely to leash out their anger on poor Cloud9. It takes no genius to realize what a disheartening performance the semifinals match must’ve been for the boys in blue. They were playing nowhere near their usual standards. That, combined with excellent gameplay coming from the Brazilians, meant a heartbreaking defeat for Team Liquid. Not just a heartbreaking defeat but a surprising elimination too…

Cloud9’s elimination was quite surprising too. Not as much as that of Team Liquid, but still… Then again, Cloud9 lost to a team that’s developing into a NA powerhouse, and that’s something we can’t hold against floppy and the boys.

Can Cloud9 Take One Round Away from Liquid?

I think the winner is pretty clear here – Team Liquid! There’s no way Twistzz and the boys display another awful performance and finish on the fourth spot. The biggest question, the question that’s important for the sake of our Liquid vs. Cloud9 predictions, is – can C9 take one round?

Looking at the map percentages of both sides, I reckon we’ll see a quick 2-0 blowout with Cloud9 taking less than fifteen rounds in total. Yep, less than fifteen rounds across both maps. Unfortunately, that’s not something we can bet on. The next best thing is Liquid to win 2-0 at -125. The odds are pretty low considering Liquid’s performance against FURIA, but I reckon bookies also expect them to leash out on poor C9 and completely dismantle them in the third-place matchup.

That said, here are my concrete Liquid vs. Cloud9 predictions so you can do your own research and potentially base your wagers around them:

Liquid vs. Cloud9 Predictions
Team Liquid

With all that in mind, I’d like to conclude our Liquid vs. Cloud9 predictions!

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