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The American CS_Summit 6 event is coming to a close. With just four matches to go, the situation is as packed as they come. Best of all – all the best teams are still in the competition… except for FURIA. The Brazilian team failed to show off their array of talent in the group stage, and ended up losing against Liquid in the deciding group A match. Now, we’re left with 100T, Liquid, EG, and Gen.G. All four sides have their eyes on the grand prize, but only one of them will get there. As for today’s matchup, our Liquid vs. EG predictions will try to come up with a worthy wager that will continue our winning streak!

But, before we start dissecting today’s matchup, here’s a quick look at the main aspects of esports betting for all you beginners out there.

CS:GO Betting 101 | Learning the Basics

Here are three important aspects of esports betting that you need to know about!

Learn the Trade

Learning the basics is the first thing you should do. In fact, you should learn the basics before you place your first online CS:GO bet. If you have a history of online sports betting, you should be good to go. But, if you’re just a gamer/esports fan with no prior online betting experience, stuff like odds, moneylines, specials, and the whole wagering process might be too much.

That’s why you should educate yourself. There are lots of materials online that ought to help you learn the trade. If you’re not fond of reading massive batches of text, you can always watch a YouTube video or two. The premise is the same; the lessons are the same. The golden rule of thumb remains the same too – learn the trade before you go and invest tons of money…

Avoid Chasing Losses

Yes, you should avoid chasing losses at all costs! But, what does chasing losses represent these days? Well, it’s quite simple – once you lose a ton of money, betting more with hopes of getting back on level terms might seem like the ideal solution. However, the truth is far from that.

When you’re chasing losses, your judgment is clouded and your chances of actually winning your wagers are much lower than usual. Chasing losses kickstarts a wicked cycle that could end up in serious financial difficulties.

Explore Your Options

When it comes to the best esports betting sites, you should always thoroughly explore your options. Why? Well, the most important reason are the differences between profit margins. The lower the profit margins are, the better your potential returns will be. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

In addition to that, you should rank bookies according to the number of supported payment methods, esports betting options, and the generosity of their esports bonuses. Esports specials are always nice to have – if you’re interested in betting on specials, ensure your go-to bookie supports a healthy variety.

Liquid vs. EG Predictions

Now let’s get down and dirty, fellas! We’ve reached the central point of this piece where we’ll discuss everything regarding Liquid and Evil Geniuses. Even though both teams had continuous hiccups throughout 2020, they’re still regarded as two top-tier NA sides, and no matter how this upper bracket final ends, chances are high we’ll see a rerun of this contest in the grand finals too.

Recent Results

First off, let’s focus on the most recent head to head match between Liquid and Evil Geniuses. It happened just a few days ago, in the group stage of this event. EG finished on top of group A which means they won against Liquid. And they won with style, mind you. Two outstanding wins on Nuke and Inferno were enough to push CeRq, Brehze, and the boys through to the playoffs. Liquid looked solid, but uninspired – they could not shake EG off in time and succumbed to the pressure later on.

Following that defeat, Team Liquid had to overcome FURIA in the decider match and then barely made it through against 100T in the playoffs. The Aussies put up quite the fight and were inches away from squaring things off on the decider map. But, NAF and Stewie2K were having none of it – they took the matter into their own hands and led Team Liquid forward.

Evil Geniuses are yet to lose a match on the event. They are three from three, beating Gen.G, Liquid, and FURIA. Even though the ex-NRG roster had plenty of difficulties thus far in 2020, they finally seem back on track and are looking pretty strong. Their map pool is back up to admirable levels which could be the thing that separates them from Team Liquid today.

Map Pool Info

Talking about the map pool, I can’t really label one side as the clear winner. Objectively, Team Liquid has slightly superior stats, but it’s all within statistical error so it’s not that big of a factor affecting our Liquid vs. EG predictions.

Liquid should be able to take Dust 2 as well as Mirage and Overpass. EG should be comfortable on Inferno, and Train, but should do well on Nuke as well, even though their stats are slightly lower. Heck, just look at the last head to head match and you’ll see EG absolutely dominate on Nuke. Come to think of it, Vertigo should go in Liquid’s favor, but that’s still not enough to push the map pool superiority in Team Liquid’s favor.

Individual Player Qualities

When it comes to the overall form of both sets of players, I have to point Brehze and the boys as the clear winners. At the moment, EG is swimming in seas of success with five consecutive wins. Liquid, on the other hand, can’t seem to get back to their usual form. They have just four wins across the last eight matches, which tells you a lot about the slump they are in.

Individually, CeRq has been the stand out performer for EG over the last month or so. Ethan has been playing outstandingly well too, with the only player playing below his average stats being Brehze. When it comes to Team Liquid players, EliGE and NAF are the best-performing duo. Stewie2K is finally playing well too – the 22-year-old fragger is finally getting better overall stats but his ADR is still way below the average.

As for concrete Liquid vs. EG predictions, here’s what I’m going with:

Liquid vs. EG Betting Pick

Yep – I’m going with Evil Geniuses here. Bookies see them as the slightest of favorites, which they really are. I mean, Team Liquid is a strong opponent, there’s no doubt about that – but with in-form CeRq and Ethan that’s been playing better than ever, I can’t really go against EG here. It’s going to be a tight contest, even tighter than their group stage encounter… but there’s good value on EG and I just have to take it!

Thank you all for sticking till the very end!

Until next time…

Donnie out!

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