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We’ve had two excellent CS_Summit 6 betting slips thus far. One of them failed us, but that’s okay – we need a wakeup call every now and then. We need to learn from it, consider it a necessary evil and come to terms with the lost stake!

Today, we focus another CS_Summit 6 group stage match.

Liquid vs. EG predictions are the focal point here, the winners match of group A that sports two teams, formerly known as the best two teams in the region. New boys are on the block, though, and one of these sleeping giants needs to wake up and show them who’s the real boss of NA. Who will it be? Well, that’s exactly what our Liquid vs. EG predictions aim to find out!

Liquid vs. EG Predictions

For everyone interested in placing CSGO bets today, here’s an in-depth look at Liquid vs. EG, the group A winners match that’s bound to have superb hidden value:

Recent Results

Team Liquid defeated MIBR in the opening round of Group A. They did so with quite the flair, mind you, beating them 2:0 on Overpass and Inferno, leaving only bits and pieces for the Brazilians to fight around.

However, don’t let that fool you – Liquid is still in terrible form, something that can’t be turned upside down with a single win.

A win is always a good sign, but consistency is the key here… and let’s just say Team Liquid has a serious lack of it.

Evil Geniuses haven’t been performing superb either, but were still miles above Team Liquid. Heck, they won BLAST Premier Spring American Finals, where they eliminated the boys in blue and finished off with $160,000 in their pockets.

Plus, they defeated FURIA in the first-round match, meaning they’ve finally found their long-lost form.

Map Pool Info

Let’s continue with stats-crawling for our Liquid vs. EG predictions. In terms of the map pool, both teams are known to be highly versatile. Permabans are pretty clear – Liquid avoid Train and EG avoid Overpass, so let’s leave those two maps out of the equation.

Liquid should be the dominant side on Dust 2, and that’s pretty much it.

Yes, they do have better numbers on Nuke and Vertigo, but it’s a matter of nuances and nothing else. EG should come out on top on Mirage and Inferno. The statistical difference is more noticeable on these two maps, which is why I rank EG the winner as far as map pool depth goes.

Individual Player Qualities

Moving on to the last section of our Liquid vs. EG predictions – player qualities. Individual player qualities are often overlooked by experienced bettors whereas beginners rely way too much on them. In my books, individual qualities aren’t important as the team cohesion and team morale, but can be the deciding factor if everything else is on level terms.

That said, I honestly can’t tell these two teams apart.

When they’re both having a good day, they’re capable of providing fans with spectacular matchups. If they’re on a roll, you’ll be watching breathtaking CSGO action all day long. So yeah, I just can’t (and will not) separate them this way.

What I will do is show you my concrete Liquid vs. EG predictions after taking account everything I explained earlier. They are as follows:

Liquid vs. EG Predictions
EG to Win!

Yep, I had to side with EG here. Even though the stats are pointing in both directions, most of them at least, when we look at the grand scheme of things and the way both teams have been playing in recent weeks, EG takes the win. The slightest one, but still a win!

What more is there to say about Liquid vs. EG predictions. I reckon we’ve covered everything that needed to be covered, meaning my job is all done here.

As always, thank you guys for sticking till the very end. Hopefully, all of our CSGO esports picks yield solid profit tomorrow!

Until next time…

Donnie out!

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