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Liquid vs EG Blast

BLAST Premier Spring Finals are underway. The first round of matches of the European event are already wrapped up. Vitality swept G2 aside, while Faze Clan clinched a tight win against ENCE. This means ENCE is set against G2 in the lower bracket round 1 and Vitality against Faze Clan in upper bracket semifinals.

At the time of writing, NaVi is playing against NiP and Complexity vs. OG starts in just a few hours. But, we’re not here to talk about fixtures of the European BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

Instead, we’ll be focusing on Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses predictions with emphasis on finding the best value! But, before we go deeper into Liquid vs. EG betting predictions, let’s say a thing or two about the best esports bookies:

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Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses Predictions

As mentioned earlier, we’ll be focusing on Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses predictions here, so it’s only logical to start off with the most recent results. But, before we dig into that, here’s a fun fact you should know if you’re thinking of betting on this match:

These two teams played 53 head to head matches thus far. Team Liquid won 32, EG won 21. Of those 53 matches, 6 went to overtime.

Recent Results

EG had just one solid campaign in 2020; the second spot on ESL Pro League Season 11 when they lost to Team Liquid in the grand finals. Besides that, all of their outings ended up as massive disappointments. They failed to get out of the group stage on two occasions and got eliminated early into the playoffs on several other occasions. Overall, they haven’t been at their usual level, and it shows on HLTV’s global ranking.

Team Liquid’s last match against FURIA must’ve left a sour taste in the mouth of EliGE and the boys.

They lost to the up-and-coming Brazilian side… they got properly smashed, to be more precise. Can they come back swinging and wreak havoc against Evil Geniuses? Well, that’s the main thing our Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses predictions aim to find out!

Map Pool Discrepancies

Team Liquid are typically superb on Dust 2 and know their way around Inferno, Overpass and Vertigo.

When it comes to EG’s displays on these particular maps, I’d say Inferno is the only one they could take away from the boys in blue.

However, EG has Train to their advantage, with Mirage and Nuke being no man’s land. Overall, the situation is pretty tight but Team Liquid has to be given a slight advantage as far as map pool goes.

Individual Prowess

In terms of individual strengths, there was a time when EG had two brilliant fraggers in their team, Brehze and CeRq. These days, they just can’t seem to get their minds into the game simultaneously. If CeRq plays a decent match, Brehze will be an utter disaster and vice versa.

Truth be told, the rest of EG’s roster isn’t that good to work through the lack of consistency of their top fraggers and keep their spot in the region.

Team Liquid, on the other hand, finally have EliGE back. Their main fragger has been pretty absent lately, and BLAST Premier Spring Finals is a great event to turn a new page. But, despite an awesome match coming from EliGE, Liquid still lost DreamHack Masters Spring Finals against FURIA. What are the odds of them stringing together another loss, this time against Evil Geniuses?

Well, it’s not impossible… but as long as Team Liquid starts the game without a massive deficit on the scoreboard, there shouldn’t be any complications, really.

Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses Predictions

Yep – Team Liquid should push this one through. It’s going to be a tightly contested matchup, there’s no doubt about that, but in-form EliGE should be the decider here.

NAF has been in fine form too, but Twistzz, Stewie2K and Nitr0 have to step their game up if push comes to shove and EG takes the lead.

Three maps are likely, especially considering the above-mentioned map pool discrepancies. But, in the end, it should make no difference and Team Liquid’s quality ought to prevail. Either way, we’re in for quite the treat!

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