Liquid vs. FURIA Betting Predictions | Dreamhack Masters Spring NA Picks & Betting Odds

Liquid vs. FURIA Betting Predictions | Dreamhack Masters Spring NA Picks & Betting Odds

This is it, fellas! This is the end of the line – the grand finals of DreamHack Masters Spring NA event! Team Liquid vs. FURIA predictions are what we’re here for so let’s stop beating around the bushes and concentrate on the important stuff!

Liquid vs. FURIA Betting Predictions

If you’re interested in placing CS:GO bets on this particular match, now is the time to do so. There are roughly 8 hours left before the start of DreamHack Masters Spring NA grand finals so you better time your bet accordingly!

If you’re out of time for an in-depth analysis, perhaps our Liquid vs. FURIA predictions can be of service. As mentioned above, I might not have the greatest string of wins behind me, but that won’t stop me from thoroughly examining both ends and coming to a fully-objective conclusion!

Recent Results

That said, let’s start today’s Liquid vs. FURIA predictions with the recent results!

When it comes to recent results, FURIA is by far the stronger side here. In their last ten matches, the Brazilians have won nine. Yep, the only defeat came against MIBR in the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 group stage. If that’s not a brilliant record, then I don’t know what is. Still, I have to mention that some of the teams FURIA played against don’t really belong to the top of the NA food chain. Primarily, I’m referring to the likes of Triumph, and Infinity, although Chaos isn’t too far off either.

Moving on with our Liquid vs. FURIA predictions, let’s say a thing or two about Liquid’s recent results. First off, you should know that they’re not as brilliant as that of FURIA. In the last ten matches, Liquid has won five and lost five. Worst of all, their losses came from relatively weaker opponents. Among those five losses are two against FURIA, which goes to show you just how much the Brazilians have been outplaying the boys in blue.

Can FURIA Make it Five in a Row?

As far as head to head matches go, FURIA is by far the greater team here. Team Liquid just can’t deal with the Brazilians in online matches, having lost four in a row, all of which were on relatively big occasions. This is, by far, the biggest of the bunch, though, so Team Liquid ought to come into it with a bit more swagger.

I honestly think FURIA won’t justify the status of the favorite team here. And remember, FURIA has a map advantage meaning all they need is wins on two maps and they’re set to be crowned as the champions. But, there’s another layer to this story – we’re talking about a Bo5 setup here. Both teams have solid map pools, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say Team Liquid is the superior team as far as that goes.

Additionally, Team Liquid has another ace up its sleeves, an objectively superior individual set of talents who might not be in the best of forms but could start shining again at any given moment. Just look at EliGE’s performance against 100T on Vertigo. His form is back… and he’s looking outright scary!

If that happens, FURIA won’t be more than a mere nuisance
Liquid vs. FURIA Predictions

Yep – I just had to go with Team Liquid here. Once again, coming into this match the Brazilians are considered the favorites… but Team Liquid’s experience and sheer individual superiority should see them finally conquer a notable event. FURIA already had its fair share of success in 2020, but they are yet to win something. They were runners-up two times (DreamHack Open Anaheim and ESL One Road to Rio), which means they’ll try extra hard to defeat Team Liquid today. But is that going to be enough? Is third time going to be the charm for KSCERATO and the boys?

Well, just like my Liquid vs. FURIA predictions suggest, I reckon it won’t be… FURIA is a great team, one of the best in NA at the moment. They are in fine form, have a solid set of players… but Team Liquid should still have the upper hand here because of their unparalleled mixture of individual brilliance and experience.

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