Liquid vs. FURIA | DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Betting Predictions

Liquid vs. FURIA | DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Betting Predictions

DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 is up and running, and Team Liquid are already down on the bottom of the table. Their misery continues, having lost against Chaos in what was a pretty twisty and turny match from start to finish. FURIA, on the other end, dismantled their Brazilian brothers playing under MIBR’s logo. Now, they’re going up against each other and our Liquid vs. FURIA predictions will try to determine which way this contest is going to go.

How to Start Betting on CS:GO?

CS:GO betting isn’t complicated and whoever tells you that is a big fat liar! Yes, things can seem complicated for people who are just starting out, but betting on CS:GO, in essence, doesn’t possess any major complications.

However, you should approach it with a healthy dose of seriousness. Even though it’s not complex, it doesn’t mean you should do it halfcocked. Prepare yourself, arm yourself with knowledge, and take things one step at a time. No one can get rich overnight by betting on CS:GO. That’s just not how things work…

Liquid vs. FURIA Predictions

These two sides played two head to head matches on the last event they competed on. I’m referring to ESL One: Road to Rio where FURIA went home with a solid grand finals finish. They got there by beating Team Liquid two times in as many matches. Yep – first time in the group stage and second time in the playoffs.

But, in online CS:GO matchmaking, there’s more to it than recent head to head matches, so let’s not beat around the bushes much longer and focus on the important stuff:

FURIA is in Fine Form

Even though it might not be obvious at the very first glance, FURIA is actually in pretty fine form. Remember, KSCERATO and the boys topped group B on ESL One: Road to Rio. And mind you, group B featured Team Liquid MIBR and Envy – finishing at the top spot was not an easy task.

Can EliGE Shine?

EliGe ought to be the man that decides this match in Team Liquid’s favor. Thus far in 2020, the 22-year-old American rifler is averaging just short of 1.20 HLTV Rating 2.0. 1.18 to be more precise, with 86.2 ADR and 1.29 impact. According to the latter, EliGE is one of the best players in the scene and HLTV’s stats’ systems were quick to recognize it. But, will he be able to push his team forward against FURIA? After all, he wasn’t able to do so on the last two occasions.

Remember, Team Liquid needs to win against FURIA. If they lose, they’ll have an imperative of victory against MIBR, but their eventual playoffs placement will also depend on the outcome of the second match. Long story short, our Liquid vs. FURIA predictions will keep all that in mind.

It’s tricky business, this one, but I’m confident EliGE and the boys in blue will recognize the gravity of their situation and won’t let FURIA beat them for the third time in a row. That said, a match-winner on Team Liquid should do the trick for most people.

Believe it or not, FURIA is considered the favorite team in this one – the odds on Liquid to win are +105. If you’re feeling lucky, you can try going with Liquid to win 2-1 at +255. FURIA will come into this one with heads held high and are likely to take at least one map off the boys in blue, which could be an opportunity to make some extra bucks.

Liquid vs. FURIA Predictions

That’s about it as far as our Liquid vs. FURIA predictions go! Like I’ve said already, FURIA might be the favorite coming into this match, but it’s only due to recent form. Individually, Team Liquid is a much stronger side. Collectively, when everyone’s having a good day, Liquid should be able to deal with FURIA without too much hassle. Fingers crossed today is one of those days…

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