Liquid vs. FURIA Betting Predictions | IEM XV Global Challenge Match Analysis

Yessir, our FURIA vs. Heroic picks came through! It wasn’t that big of a value, but we’re in the green and ready to start building a winning streak. Liquid vs. FURIA predictions are here to make that happen, so let’s take a quick look at the most recent results and qualification news before moving onto an in-depth analysis.

By beating Heroic in the group B elimination match, FURIA cemented their spot on the upcoming BLAST Premier Global Finals next year. Liquid isn’t there just yet. On the bright side, they are no longer depending on other teams’ results. They can do everything by themselves.

To qualify, they have to reach the playoffs (by beating FURIA) and defeat BIG. OG are still in the equation but are toast if Liquid beats FURIA. In short – if Team Liquid gets to play against BIG in the semifinals, they won’t be just fighting to reach the IEM Global Challenge Finals but to qualify for the BLAST Premier Global Final too. Yep, that’s going to be a really important match, so from a CSGO betting enthusiast’s perspective – go Liquid… I guess?!

Liquid vs. FURIA Predictions

Let’s start this thing off with good old head-to-head stats! In 2020, Liquid and FURIA have played against each other eleven times. Yep, it’s safe to say these two know each other well. Across these eleven maps, Liquid have won just one match; talk about superiority a la FURIA, huh?

Are we going to see another easy win for the Brazilians?

Well, FURIA’s form has definitely been better than that of Team Liquid. But, they’re playing in Europe now, and both have been far from their best on the old continent. FURIA’s overall track record looks a lot cleaner, but this NA encounter still has all the makings of a real cracker.


Liquid put up a proper fight against NaVi… but S1imple was just not having any of it. He was by far the best player on the pitch, with Liquid’s EliGE being in the center of attention once again. Yep, that’s the second positive Liquid can take away from that match – EliGE seems hungry after being pretty mediocre in a couple of matches.

As for Liquid’s form, I’m sure you already know just how horrible 2020 has been for them. They did win ESL Pro League S11 NA, but that’s it as far as titles go. The worst thing is the fact that they’re not the best NA team anymore. In fact, they’re not even the second-best team in NA – those titles belong to FURIA and Evil Geniuses. They have a lot of ground to make up, and a win against FURIA will definitely be a step in the right direction.

However, FURIA players won’t sit back and relax against Liquid, their sworn enemy! Remember how they’ve dealt with them on Showdown? It was make it or break it for both teams with qualifications on the line, and FURIA came to an important win that saw Liquid pack their bags. Are we going to see history repeat itself once more tomorrow? Well, let’s check out some important news and stats before giving official Liquid vs. FURIA predictions!

Map Pool Stats

Liquid’s Dust 2 superiority ought to go to waste because FURIA is likely to ban that one right off the bat. Nuke and Overpass are maps Liquid will fancy their chances on. They’ll get one of them, that’s for sure. As for FURIA, they’ll be hoping to win Inferno (just like last time) and either Vertigo or Train. Train is definitely going to be Liquid’s first ban so that leaves us with a pretty hefty deadlock here. All signs point to the third map, and I have to add once again – just like last time!

Individual Stats

How would you guys separate these two teams on an individual level? Liquid’s eliGE seems to be back which pulls the odds in their favor when looking at the individual side of things. If we value teamwork above everything else, then I guess FURIA is the team you should bet on. Yep, as I’ve said earlier, our Liquid vs. FURIA predictions aren’t going to be easy. But, we’ve seen a bunch of stuff thus far and I guess it’s time to wrap this story up:

Liquid vs. FURIA Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5!

I’m afraid to call this one! Our Liquid vs. FURIA predictions revolve around them going the extra length of the decider map. I know we haven’t had that much luck with total maps over wagers, but this is the only pick I am comfortable with for this one. If you don’t like it, then by all means don’t go for it… or go with something else. As I’ve said multiple times already – this is going to be a tight contest!

Honestly though…
My mind is telling me to go with Liquid here. It’s not going to be a popular choice, I know, but something tells me they’ll have something special in store for the Brazilians… especially after that disheartening defeat on BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. Still, I’ll have my money on total maps over – end of discussion!

Guess that’s all from our Liquid vs. FURIA predictions. Stay tuned for more esports picks in the coming days because after that we’ll be taking a break till late January!

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