Liquid vs. G2 Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 13 Match Analysis

Liquid Vs G2 CSGO ESL Pro League Playoffs

As the title implies, we’re here to focus on the latter; Liquid vs. G2 picks are the focal point here! The clash starts at 7 pm CEST this Friday. If you’re going to slap together a few CSGO bets, make sure you tune in to the action on Twitch!

There are no easy opponents anymore. All twelve remaining teams are in it to win it; some more so than others, but still – I’m sure you catch my drift.

What about Liquid and G2?

Well, both hoped for a good playoff run before the tournament had even begun. After Friday, one of them will still be on track to fulfill that goal while the other will be eliminated. Yessir, we’re looking at a single-elimination bracket here, one that doesn’t forgive any mistakes!

Liquid vs. G2 Predictions

What’s a good way to kick things off here? How about head-to-head comparisons?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the head-to-head department.

The last time these two played an h2h clash was way back in February last year, just before the health crisis took off. Ahh, good lord how I love to reminisce about the good old times…

Map Pool Stats

Liquid’s Dust 2 has been absolutely atrocious lately. That’s one map G2 will definitely fancy going forward. Mirage, even though G2 still love playing on it, hasn’t been that successful. However, it’s been going great for Team Liquid who’ve won four of their last five clashes on it.

Inferno, Nuke and Vertigo can be anyone’s guess; Overpass and Train ought to be the initial bans.

All in all, there’s no clear winner here, though Liquid does seem to have the slightest advantage. Nothing that could help us close out our Liquid vs. G2 predictions, unfortunately.


Wins against NiP, Vitality, and Faze were just enough to push G2 through to the playoffs. It’s not the best score, especially since they lost against ENCE and Mousesports, but perhaps they’ve been saving their best for elimination rounds.

All they need is a good winning streak here.

It’s been a while since their last proper run. They had a triple-threat back in November on IEM XV Beijing Online. It would be about time for them to give their fans something to cheer for!

Please Note:
As for Liquid, they’re finally getting far into the playoffs of notable events. IEM XV World Championship saw them climb all the way to the semifinals where they lost to Earlier this month, they ended up on third/fourth place on DH Open March NA… though that was an event they had hoped to win.

They reached the second spot in highly competitive group D with Astralis being the only superior team. Wins against Fnatic, ENDPOINT, EG, and are not to be taken for granted. Team Liquid means business – are G2 prepared for a proper bloodbath?

Individual Aspects

Even though NiKo is typically the man to watch in G2’s rank, his cousin huNter has been statistically the most dangerous player in the team. NiKo isn’t far behind, with nexa closing out the top three. KennyS’ influence is slowly disappearing… but I’m still not convinced whether it was for better or for worse.

Despite that, I’m swinging towards G2’s side of the table.

For starters, at +120, this bet has a ton of value. Yes, Liquid should be the favorite team because of superior group stage results, but the margins shouldn’t be this massive. Plus, in-form huNter can do all sorts of crazy things; clutches, 4K’s, you name it! The only problem I see for G2 boys is EliGE. He’s back; the consistency is still not at the highest level, but if he gets things rolling, G2 will have a tough time stopping him.

Liquid vs. G2 Betting Predictions
G2 to Win!

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Once again, we’re going against the favorites! This time around, we’re betting on in-form EliGE and the boys. It’s not exactly the smartest thing to do, but it’s a solid option for a low-stake bet. G2’s roster has plenty of potential. Even though they struggled in the group stage much more than Liquid, NiKo, nexa, and huNter are more than capable of swinging the odds in their favor.

So yeah, G2 to win at +120 is what I’m going with here.

Low stake – fingers crossed we get the big W! That leads us to the end of our Liquid vs. G2 betting predictions. Hope you’ve enjoyed the show!

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