Liquid vs. MIBR | DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Betting Predictions

The two most notable DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 events are up and running. Both group stages already shaped up several surprises, but the most notable one is coming from North America. Two rounds in, Team Liquid is yet to win a match! They’ve won two maps, though, but failed to close out matches on both occasions. Third’s the charm, huh? Well, let’s see what our Liquid vs. MIBR predictions have to say about that!

Liquid vs. MIBR Predictions

Let’s start today’s predictions with a few introductory words about Team Liquid. As stated earlier, Twistzz and the boys are yet to win a map on the event. First, they lost against Chaos. Liquid stomped over them on Inferno with 16-4 on the scoreboard, but failed to close out the action on Mirage and Overpass. The second match saw them up against FURIA. The situation was so bad for the boys in blue that esports betting sites saw FURIA as the favorites.

Surprisingly enough, FURIA confirmed their status with a third map win following a 42-map thriller.

As far as head to head matches go, last time Liquid lost against MIBR was back in May 2019 during ECS S7 weekend events. Liquid has five consecutive wins, four of which were straight 2-0 wins in Bo3 matches (the fifth one was a bo1 win). That just goes to show you what a powerhouse Team Liquid is, especially when it comes to dealing with MIBR.

MIBR Has Everything to Play For

Two rounds in, MIBR have lost one and won one. The Brazilian champions have already lost their flattering title to FURIA… and now they continue to lose head to head matches too. 2-0 was the end result, following another brilliant performance yuurih.

Fer and the boys got back up on their feet, though, and practically secured the playoffs by beating Chaos.

Heck, it even rhymes!

On top of all that, fer was a joy to behold in MIBR’s match against Chaos. The 28-year-old Brazilian CS legend swept the competition away with 59 kills and 1.58 rating in what was a resounding 2-0 win. Best of all, he had 92.4 average damage per round, which is pretty high even for fer’s standards.

If fer and FalleN (1.46 rating and 46 kills) continue their stellar run of form against Team Liquid, there’s no way they get stomped 2-0! That said, here are my Liquid vs. MIBR predictions. Beware – they might catch you off-guard!

My Pick
Total Maps over 2.5!

Yep – you’ve read that correctly! Here I am, trying the good old total maps over 2.5 bet again. It’s risky, I know, especially considering the motivation of Team Liquid players ahead of this match. After all, this match is imperative – if they lose, they are out of the competition.

But, the last four bo3 head to head encounters finished with 2-0 for Team Liquid on the scoreboard.

What makes me think MIBR is going to snatch a map this time around?

Well, Team Liquid isn’t exactly in the greatest form at the moment.

Plus, even though MIBR isn’t in fine form, they stomped Chaos 2-0.

That wouldn’t be a notable factor if Team Liquid hadn’t lost to Chaos in what was a dramatic 2-1 finish. Combine that with a solid display against FURIA despite 2-0 on the scoreboard, and you’ll see where my total maps over 2.5 Liquid vs. MIBR predictions are coming from. It’s a bit risky, I know, but it has to work this time!

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