Liquid vs. Betting Predictions | 2021 IEM XV Katowice Play-In Match Analysis

Liquid Vs Virtus Pro Katowice

Oh, what a match that was! vs. Astralis was a joy to watch… and if you’ve followed through with last week’s picks, you’ve got a hefty +156 return. Yep, Astralis got their ass served, and I for one couldn’t be happier about it. are etching towards a spot on the grand finals.

I reckon they have everything perfectly set up for it. Arguably, Team Liquid is a much easier opponent than Astralis. V.P did struggle with the Great Danes, but let’s be real here, Liquid shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for Jame and YEKINDAR… right? Well, keep reading our Liquid vs. picks as we track down key info on both teams.

Yessir, Liquid vs. is the focal point here; the predictions will follow after our typical analysis. But first, we have something else to check out. It’ll be short, I promise!

How Big is Betting on CSGO?

Before we kickstart the Liquid vs. predictions, let’s talk about the CSGO betting scene as a whole. One common question keeps popping up – how big is CSGO betting? Well, we finally have some concrete numbers to share with you guys!

In 2020, CSGO had the largest betting volume, occupying more than 53% of the total esports betting value. Dota 2 and League of Legends round off the top three. Games like FIFA, Rainbow Six Siege and Starcraft II are not to be taken for granted either; each showing off a healthy esports betting ecosystem.

Valorant is worth mentioning too. It only featured a handful of events last year but is standing tall at seventh place, knocking down well-established esports like Overwatch and Rocket League. So yeah, let’s just say CSGO betting is pretty big!

Liquid vs. Predictions

Here’s a fun fact – the last time these two played a head-to-head contest was almost exactly two years ago. It happened on EIM Katowice XV last year; 25th February, to be more precise. Liquid took the win… though we’re likely to see a totally different story tomorrow!

Odds-wise, I actually think they’re on point…

And you know they’re definitely on point when you’re hearing that from me. I’m usually the guy who always complains about the odds. This time, though, as far as Liquid vs. picks are concerned, I believe they’re fair.


Obviously, both teams are in splendid form. I mean, how else would they have gotten this far… especially coming all the way from the Play-In stage.

Still, when we look at the bigger picture, has to be pointed out as a more in-form of the two. YEKINDAR is the sole reason, if we’re being totally real here. His stellar performances helped snatch three notable titles in the last three months.

They’re now aiming for the fourth one, and I for once fancy their chances of going through to the grand finals. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. There’s still a ton of valuable info before the end of our Liquid vs. predictions.

Map Pool Stats

If we look at the map pool, we’ll notice Liquid has a couple of maps on which they could heavily contest VP. The likeliest options are Mirage, Overpass, and Vertigo. VP has higher win rates across the board, but Liquid ought to fancy their chances on some of those. As for’s picks, they’ll either go for Dust 2 or Train… though Liquid should ban the latter right away.

Inferno could be an interesting decider. have had plenty of splendid action on it, racking in 83% win rate across the last twelve maps. Liquid are on 54% from thirteen, and are rightly the underdogs coming into this one.

So yeah, long story short, takes an easy win in the map pool department.

Individual Aspects

Let’s talk about YEKINDAR and Jame! The Latvian youngster is quickly going from a young prodigy to a world-class superstar. He’s had yet another amazing performance, and he’s showing no signs of stopping. This time around, Astralis was on the receiving end of this fury. The game ended with him snatching seventy-five kills across three maps.

Yessir, absolutely sick numbers right there, averaging 99.2 damage per round. He’s been absolutely sick…

But, is slowly developing a case of YEKINDAR dependency. When he’s not playing well, they don’t know how to win crucial duels and penetrate the opposition’s defensive line. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen tomorrow. Let’s hope YEKINDAR has a splendid match. Why? Well, because this is what my money is going to be on:

Liquid vs. Betting Predictions to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

Yessir, it seems as though we really are going to see a CIS grand finals on Sunday! On one end, we have Team Spirit going up against Gambit Esports.

Need I remind you, all four remaining teams had to go through the Play-In stage to reach the group stage and then the playoffs. Just like BLAST Premier Spring Group Stage, IEM XV Katowice has been all about upsets.

Let’s hope we won’t see one tomorrow, let’s hope YEKINDAR and the boys will present us with another extraordinary performance.

I mean, they’ve just won a three-map thriller against Astralis… there’s no way they’re going to lose against Team Liquid, right? Well, there’s always a possibility, but at -154, there’s surely a ton of value here. I’ll probably go with a mid-stake here – GO GO YEKINDAR!

With all that in mind, it’s time to say our goodbyes.

As always, thanks for reading and hope our picks go through!

Until next time…

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