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Liquid Vs ZPG DreamHack

Are you guys ready for the return of professional CS:GO in its finest form? Are you guys ready to start betting on CS:GO; top-tier CS:GO, to be more precise… If you are, then you better buckle up because we’ve prepared a whole heap of esports picks for you. As the title implies, we’re starting off with Liquid vs. ZPG predictions. Yep, our first pick following the end of the players’ summer break revolves around the American DreamHack event.

The American event was supposed to be the bomb!

As we stated in our NA DreamHack Summer Betting Preview, the event was supposed to pack all the top-tier teams in the region, unlike its European counterpart which failed to captivate the crème de la crème.

Unfortunately, the same thing ended up happening to the NA event too. Evil Geniuses, Gen.G and 100 Thieves were supposed to be the icing on the cake of the NA event, but they dropped out in favor of Yeah, TeamOne, and Chaos. This makes the NA event as bleak as the European DH Summer iteration, with only two or three top-tier teams competing for the grand prize.

Liquid vs. ZPG Predictions

That won’t stop our Liquid vs. ZPG predictions from shedding some light onto the first group A match that kickstarts tomorrow. Team Liquid is going up against Ze Pug Godz. You haven’t heard about ZPG? I honestly can’t blame you – they are a tier-B side with zero experience on the international stage. But, seeing as Team Liquid just had a major roster alteration, perhaps ZPG could make a home run and shock the boys in blue right off the bat?

A Quick Reminder:
the current Ze Pug Godz roster is a brand-new one and it features five Counter-Strike veterans with years of experience in the NA scene. They have enough pedigree and raw talent to make a name for themselves… but still, going up against Team Liquid in the first group A match won’t be an easy task.

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Where to Bet on CS:GO

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Recent Results

Now let’s get back to Liquid vs. ZPG predictions! We’re talking about a match that, objectively, can only go one way – in favor of Team Liquid. On a normal day, this matchup wouldn’t even be in the discussion. However, the storyline is everything but normal for the boys in blue. Just last week, Team Liquid finally made a roster alteration, a long-due one, to be fair.

For those of you who haven’t heard the latest news coming from the US CS:GO scene, Team Liquid and nitr0 parted ways (finally). The US CS veteran is going to be replaced with the up-and-coming prospect, 19-year-old Michael “Grim” Wince.

That said, we can’t take Liquid’s recent results as a proper stat because Grim’s addition completely revamps how the team will play. Yes, the folks over at Liquid claim there aren’t that many overlapping positions with the players now that Grim is in the team, but only time will tell. Perhaps DreamHack Summer will be their field test.

The same can be said about Ze Pug Godz too. I mean, the org was reformed roughly three weeks ago and they didn’t really play against any of the top sides that are on Liquid’s level. They did compete on several events, but none we’re talking about tier-C stuff here, nothing worth mentioning.

Map Pool Info

I guess our Liquid vs. ZPG predictions can’t be based on the recent results. Can they be based on map pool discrepancies, then?

  • Well, I guess Grim’s arrival won’t completely overhaul Liquid’s map pool, but we could see them take up different approaches than what we’re used to.
  • As for ZPG, their map pool is pretty good at the moment, but that doesn’t have to mean anything since they’re yet to play against a top-tier side.

Thus far, they didn’t really have real competitors – the toughest (on paper) teams ZPG played against thus far are Triumph and Chaos (defeated both of them).

All things considered; the map pool can’t be taken into consideration either… at least as far as our Liquid vs. ZPG predictions go.

Individual Prowess

We can’t base our Liquid vs. ZPG predictions on neither recent results nor the map pool. Well, I guess we could work something out with the latter, but it’s not exactly concrete info, by any means. Well then, can we find something out by taking a look at the qualities of their individual players?

Well, that we most certainly can!

Team Liquid is the clear winner as far as individual players go. The likes of EliGE, Twistzz, and Stewie2K are more than enough to carry Liquid forward against ZPG. That’s not to say this new ZPG roster isn’t good. They’re looking solid, arming themselves with NA CS veterans that still have something to show.

So yeah, even though Liquid is the winner in this department, ZPG will have everything to play for. They’re a brand-new org in the scene, this is their first real test and they have nothing to lose! It might seem crazy, but I’m going to bet on ANDROID and the boys… a low stake wager, of course!

Liquid vs. ZPG Predictions

Yep – there it is, an absurd pick that’s too crazy to fail us! If Cooper and the boys really do end up beating Liquid, we’ll be set (money-wise) for the rest of the event! Fingers crossed they bring their A-game against Grim’s new team!

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