MAD Lions vs. MIBR Predictions | Season 1 Flashpoint Playoffs Betting Picks

MAD Lions vs. MIBR Predictions | Season 1 Flashpoint Playoffs Betting Picks

The inaugural season of Flashpoint is a gift that keeps on giving! After spectacular two phases of group stage matches, FACEIT’s new CS:GO event series is spoiling us with brilliant playoffs featuring some of the most underrated teams in the world. Today, we’re going to focus on MAD Lions vs. MIBR predictions; the upper bracket final picks that will determine one of the two grand finalists.

MIBR, fallen Brazilian giants, will be going up against MAD Lions, an up-and-coming Danish side with great expectations for 2020. Needless to say, this is going to be a thrilling contest, one esports betting enthusiasts would come to expect from a $1 million competition such as Flashpoint.

As the title implies, we’re going to focus on MAD Lions vs. MIBR predictions, but we’re also going to say a couple of things about the best CS:GO bookmakers. Even in this day in age, there’s still an abundance of lousy esports betting sites… here are a few tricks on how to avoid them and find only the greatest platforms for placing esports bets!

Best CS:GO Bookmakers | Where to Place Esports Wagers

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For starters, you need to ensure the bookie you’re analyzing features esports wagers. More precisely, you need to ensure it features CS:GO wagers, since Flashpoint is a semi-franchised CS:GO league. Once you got that down, explore the available payment options and check if the one you’re thinking of using is available. If that’s also good, dig deeper and explore the odds, customer support quality, and see if the website load fast and possesses an optimized smartphone platform.

If you’re too lazy to do all this on your own, you can always refer to our best CS:GO bookies list. It’s short, concise, and packed with only the safest, most popular betting platforms out there. It’s a must-read for everyone who’s even remotely serious about his/her CS:GO betting career.

With all that out of our way, let’s roll up our sleeves and focus on the most important topic for today – MAD Lions vs. MIBR predictions! We’ll take things one step at a time, exploring teams’ forms, past matches, individual qualities, and map pool!

MAD Lions vs. MIBR Predictions

Once again, we’re talking about the upper bracket final match here. The only elimination at this point in the competition can happen in the lower bracket, which means that the losing team still has a shot at reaching the grand finals. While that will affect our MAD Lions vs. MIBR predictions, it will only be a portion of the story that’s about to unveil:

Toughest Teams on the Competition

Make no mistake about it – MAD Lions and MIBR are the toughest teams on this event. The Danish team was labeled as the heavy favorite coming into this event, while no one really knew what to expect from MIBR. Fast-forward to the playoffs, both of these teams played near-perfectly thus far. They showed us plenty of tenacity, great tactics, and both individual and collective masterclass.

As you all know, this post-Coldzera MIBR roster fell deep down into the pits of second-tier teams. And, while they are still finding their pace, luck finally seems to be on their side and things are becoming better for the best Brazilian CS:GO team out there. Fer and FalleN are stepping up, supported by, at times flimsy, kNgV and meyern. TACO continues to struggle and if he doesn’t wake up against MAD Lions and puts on a show, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him out of the MIBR roster relatively soon.

As for MAD Lions, they’re still driven by in-form Burbzkji and sjuush. Yes, their collective prowess, teamwork, and the ability to play well off each other are crucial too, but it wouldn’t mean a darn thing if it wasn’t for Burbzkji’s and sjuush’s fragging abilities.

Map-wise, Mirage, Nuke and Train go in favor of MAD Lions, while Inferno, Overpass, and Vertigo go in favor of MIBR. Dust II ought to be the decider map, and both teams are pretty neck and neck on it. But, since I have to give concrete MAD Lions vs. MIBR predictions here, I reckon I have to side with one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I could always go for a hefty special like map-based totals, but I reckon a simple match-winner will do the trick here!

Who to Bet on?

When it comes to the opinion of major CS:GO bookmakers, MAD Lions is the heavy favorite here. -223 is a bit too much, even when we consider MIBR’s awful form over the past few months. However, I’d like to turn things upside down and side with MIBR for this one.

Let’s make one thing clear here – nuances will be the deciding factors for this matchup. As you could’ve seen already, these two teams are pretty similar in terms of individual qualities, teamwork, and map pool depth. There is, however, one thing MIBR takes a decisive win here, and it’s experience.

The Brazilians have a lot more experience in their shoes, having been to numerous majors and went head to head with some of the best teams in the world. If push comes to shove in the decider map, and I reckon it will, MIBR’s experience will make all the difference… which is why I Side with Fer, FalleN and the boys here!

MAD Lions vs. MIBR Predictions

Wrapping Things Up

CS:GO betting is among the favorite online betting categories these days. With typical sports such as basketball, MMA, football, and soccer out of the equation, esports titles such as CS:GO took control and are going through another golden age.

With those words, I’d like to conclude these MAD Lions vs. MIBR predictions. It’s been a fine road all the way from the top. I really hope I managed to pull a good one here. Hopefully we’ll get our money’s worth with this one.

Thank you for sticking until the very end!

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