MAD Lions vs. Spirit Betting Predictions | DreamHack Masters Spring EU Playoffs

Mad Lions Vs Team Spirit

The wait is no more! In just two days, DreamHack Masters Spring EU is coming back; and it’s coming back with style! We’ve reached the playoffs of the prestigious regional online event with $160,000 on the line and a whole bunch of ESL Pro Tour points.

We already know all contestants as well as the matchups from both the upper and lower bracket.

Today, we’re going to be talking about one of four lower bracket R1 matches. More precisely, I am going to talk about my MAD Lions vs. Spirit predictions and hopefully come to a conclusion that will win us some money. But first, let’s help the beginners make their first steps into the thrilling world of CS:GO betting online.

How Does CS:GO Betting Work?

Believe it or not, this is the most commonly asked question as far as CS:GO betting is concerned. From the looks of things, people want to know the ins and outs of the processes behind CS:GO betting. It’s either that or it’s just beginners asking for directions for their first-ever CS:GO wager. Hmm, I reckon it’s the latter, so let’s shed some light onto the topic:

First off, you’ll want to ensure you’re using a good esports bookmaker.

The best way to check this is to do a couple of comparisons; preferably using our esports betting sites guide. It will give you the key characteristics all good esports bookies need to have, which you then need to structure according to your preferences before putting a ring on a new bookie or sticking with your current one. Either way, don’t settle for anything but the very best!

MAD Lions vs. Spirit Betting Predictions

You won’t believe the odds on this match. They’re identical on both teams, meaning the only thing that differentiates these odds are the profit margins of online bookmakers. In fact, if you’re looking for your next permanent bookie and you value low profit margins above everything else, this match is a good indication of where to look!

Why are the odds identical on both teams, though? Well, it’s because MAD Lions came into the event following a massive triumph but had a lackluster group stage, and they’re going up against Team Spirit who wasn’t all that successful coming into this event but did a solid job in the first three matches.

Individually, Team Spirit’s mir is looking like a God out there. He’s been their best (by far) fragger in these last few months. Heck, the 24-year-old Russian has 1.36 HLTV rating over the last month or so. It’s safe to say he’s been phenomenal out there… MAD Lions have a star of their own! Bubzkji is the name, and he’s been leading the frags for this MAD Lions roster. He’s to thank for the Flashpoint S1 title, although I have to point out the rest of MAD Lions roster was pretty good too. The question is -which of these two talented fraggers will show up for the occasion? Their form is definitely one of the key factors contributing to our MAD Lions vs. Spirit predictions!

Recent Results

Prior to this competition, MAD Lions had a massively successful Flashpoint campaign. A quick reminder, the Danish side won the event and went home with $500,000 in their pocket.

As far as DreamHack Masters Spring EU group stage matches go, they struggled against BIG and Complexity but turned things around against Mousesports, successfully eliminating them from the event. As for their last five matches, MAD Lions have four wins and a single loss, finishing BLAST Premier Showdown EU group B at the top spot.

Team Spirit was slightly better in the group stage, which is the reason why the odds are weirdly skewed.

They defeated Fnatic in what was a surprising first-round contest, followed it up with an excellent display against Faze Clan (which did end in a loss, though), and wrapped things up with a thrilling win against GODSENT in the final round. Overall, they did impress me a bit more than the Danish side, but we have to count in MAD Lions’ BLAST Premier matches which were spectacular, to say the least.

Wrapping Things Up

Which way can this match go? Which way will my MAD Lions vs. Spirit predictions go?

Well, perhaps we’ll get a clearer picture after checking out both teams’ match percentages.

  • MAD Lions should be superior on Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, and Nuke.
  • Team Spirit, on the other hand, take Overpass and Train.
  • Vertigo is no man’s land for these two. Mirage could be the third map, if it goes that far.

It would be interesting to see how both teams approach the decider map on Mirage, that’s for sure!

Stats suggest MAD Lions will take this one home, and I can’t argue against them. So, with that said, my MAD Lions vs. Spirit predictions are the following:

MAD Lions vs. Spirit Predictions
MAD Lions
Please Note:
If you want to take things with a bit more risk, feel free to try out something like MAD Lions to win 2-1 which is at +230 at the moment. We’re talking low-stakes here, of course.

I believe I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say about my MAD Lions vs. Spirit predictions. There’s still a lot of time to go before the match starts so you don’t have to rush with your wagers. Take your time, do more research on both teams and draw your own conclusions… That’s the safest road to becoming a successful esports betting enthusiast!

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