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The first round of BLAST Premier Showdown matches went by pretty smoothly. As far as surprises go, the biggest ones are FURIA losing to MIBR and Fnatic losing to MAD Lions, although the latter isn’t necessarily a major surprise, depending on who you ask… But, we shouldn’t waste any more time here – MAD vs. Dignitas predictions is what we’re here for so let’s roll up our sleeves and get right into it!

MAD vs. Dignitas Betting Predictions

MAD Lions have done a great job of starting their BLAST Premier Showdown group stage. Against all odds, Bubzkji and the boys defeated Fnatic and took control of group B. Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen had a blast with 34 kills on Mirage. The match ended with 16-10 on the scoreboard for the Danish side.

Dignitas, on the other hand, lost against Mousesports. Don’t think Mosuesports played an extraordinary match against the Swedish side. Instead, Dignitas players looked out of pace, meaning woxic and the boys didn’t have to try all that hard for the win.

As far as the map pool goes, MAD Lions are the clear winners. They have better percentages on Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, Nuke, and Train. The only two maps on which Dignitas have superior percentages are Vertigo and Overpass… but I’m sure the Danish side would win those as well. We’re talking about absolute map superiority here – there’s no way Dignitas can outplay MAD Lions in the banning phase!

However, there’s also one somewhat weird factor that we have to take into account for our MAD vs. Dignitas predictions. You see, this will be MAD Lions’ second match today. They will be playing against before this match. While it might negatively affect their performance (depending on the result), it doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative impact.

Betting Predictions

Betting on CS:GO | Answering the FAQs

Before we wrap our MAD vs. Dignitas predictions up, let’s answer some of the burning questions that are on the minds of gamers all across the world!

  • Can Esports Betting Make Me Rich?

    Well, technically – it can! However, only a very small fraction of esports betting enthusiasts develop their skills to the point at which they can call themselves rich. It takes time, money, and talent to get there. Yep, it takes money to get money, who would’ve guessed…
  • Is Legal Esports Betting in the USA a Real Thing?

    The legalization of sports betting in the USA paved the way for legal esports betting too, seeing as it’s relatively the same thing as betting on conventional sports. However, there are no exact laws set up for betting on esports, meaning you can’t be 100% sure it’s legal in your state. Even if online betting on sports is legal, it doesn’t necessarily mean esports is, too. Mind you, that doesn’t make it illegal either. It’s sort of in what can be described as a gray zone; in some cases, at least.
  • How to Place a Bet on a CS:GO Match?

    Placing CS:GO bets won’t take longer than five minutes once you get used to it. We’re not counting the time it takes to thoroughly research every wager, mind you. However, it will take a lot more if you’re just starting out your CS:GO betting adventure and have no prior experience with online betting.
    In that case, here’s what the process of placing a CS:GO bet looks like:

    • Find a good online bookmaker that has a good variety of esports markets and register for an account.
    • Confirm your identity by authorizing your email and sending scans/images of govt-issued IDs. It’s a necessary step on most betting platforms, nothing you should worry about.
    • Decide which online payment method you’re going to use. Follow the bookie’s tutorial and make your first deposit.
    • Explore the vast depths of esports markets, get yourself up to speed on the latest news and results, and you’ll be good to place your first CS:GO wager!
  • What are Esports Specials?

    Esports specials AKA esports special bets are, as their name suggests, special types of esports wagers you can place on online esports betting platforms. They can be based on all sorts of things, which is why they are loved by esports betting enthusiasts all across the world. With options like round/map totals, player vs. player kills, and handicaps, it’s no wonder esports specials
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