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DreamHack Masters Spring events are coming back! We’ve already seen one match on the American event; the match that pushed FURIA directly to the grand finals. Now, we’re left with five eager contestants that want to test their luck against the Brazilian finalists. Four of them start from the first round of lower bracket while 100 Thieves are waiting for the lower bracket champion one step away from the grand finals. Today, as the title implies, we’ll be checking out MiBR vs. Cloud9 predictions, the only match that’s left to be analyzed seeing as we’ve already published our Liquid vs. Gen.G predictions. That said, let’s cut straight to the chase and start dissecting this lower bracket contest!

MiBR vs. Cloud9 Betting Predictions

As far as esports betting websites are concerned, MiBR is the favorite team coming into this match. Why is that so? Well, the reasons are numerous. For starters, Cloud9’s form is far from good. They did win the fourth spot on the inaugural season of Flashpoint but haven’t done anything noteworthy since then. They have four losses in the last six matches which just goes to show you what a slump they’re in. Worst of all, Cloud9 lost to MiBR just last week, and that match is going to heavily affect our MiBR vs. Cloud9 predictions.

Latest Head to Head Match

When it comes to the latest head to head matches, I already mentioned MiBR’s triumph dating back to last week. The clash happened during BLAST Premier Showdown NA; it was the semifinal match, to be more precise. Cloud9 took the first map (Overpass) after a pretty unimpressive performance on the T Side. They turned things around in the second half and cruised home.

Inferno was a completely different story, just like the deciding map, Dust 2. Fallen and TACO took the matter into their own hands and help the Brazilian team to secure a much-needed win that pushed them forward to the finals. They defeated EG in the finals, clinching a spot on the BLAST Premier Spring Finals, which are set to start next week.

Map Pool Info

The map pool stats of both teams paint a pretty complex picture. By looking at the stats over the last three months, C9’s map pool looks slightly better. The popular US-based team has superior stats on Nuke, Train, Overpass, and Vertigo. Vertigo is kind of a wildcard map here – the difference can be measured in nuances. As for MiBR, they’re far superior on Dust 2, Mirage, and Inferno. Either way, we’re in for quite the shocker that could go to the third map, as far as I can see.

With all those map pool shenanigans, it’s time to wrap everything up and conclude our MiBR vs. Cloud9 predictions. Here’s what I’m going with:

My Prediction

We’re not going to complicate things with this one, although MiBR to win 2-1 at +190 seems pretty awesome. All we have here is a simple match-winner on MiBR at -200 that ought to boost our DreamHack Masters Spring profit and enable us a risk-free betting experience for the remainder of the competition. Remember, only a few more matches are left so you better work on a win or two prior to the grand finals!

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