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Thus far, we’ve seen three of four quarterfinals matches. NaVi defeated Mousesports, Complexity defeated ENCE, and BIG stomped over Spirit. We correctly guessed two out of three, with Complexity’s Overpass triumph running our perfect score. We won’t mourn that result, though. We’re going to try and build up on it with our Mousesports vs. ENCE predictions!

Yep, we’re switching our focus to the lower end of the bracket, where a bunch of excellent CSGO betting opportunities await. Lower bracket round 1 is going to see one team out of the competition. Who will it be – Mousesports or ENCE? Well, keep on reading as we try to figure stuff out in our Mousesports vs. ENCE predictions!

Mousesports vs. ENCE Predictions

There’s a lot on the line here! Both ENCe and Mousesports haven’t exactly had good results in 2020 and staying in this event for as long as possible would definitely serve them well. But, only one of them will have that luxury! Only one of them will face the loser of NaVi vs. Complexity in the next round…

Today, we’re starting our Mousesports vs. ENCE predictions off with map pool stats. As always, the map pool can tell us a lot about the complexity of a match. A proper understanding of the map pool will help you make the most out of your specials, that’s for sure!

We’ll follow that up with recent results and individual player qualities. At last, we’ll finish things off and wrap things up. So, if you haven’t already, go grab yourself a cup of coffee and let’s unravel this puppy!

Map Pool Depth

Statistically, Mousesports has a better map pool than the Finnish side. Vertigo and Nuke have been their most successful maps over the last three months or so. However, they’re on 50% on both Mirage and Train, whereas ENCE is at or below 50% on a total of four maps… and that’s not even counting Vertigo, their permaban.

That leaves ENCE with Dust 2 and Train… and they can definitely play on those two. Just take a look at the way they stomped over Complexity on Train. True, they did lose Mirage and Overpass, but they’ll spice things up for Mousesports on their map pick, that’s for sure.

What can we deduct here? Well, everything points to the third map. ENCE should reign supreme on Dust 2 or Train, and Mousesports is most likely going to snatch Nuke. The deciding map should go in favor of Mouz, but it’s a matter of nuances, to say the least.


ENCE was practically invisible this year. There’s no more of that Finnish flair to their gameplay. There’s no more outstanding clutches, and poor old bot allu seems to be back in action. They’ve been nothing but underperforming ever since CSGO Asia Championships all the way back in November last year. They’re finally looking better, though it won’t mean much if they lose against Mousesports…

Mousesports’ 2020 has been pretty rough too. They won ICE Challenge 2020 in early February, and that’s about it as far as good campaigns go. Well, I guess we can count in ESL Pro League S11 where they finished at the second place. But, besides those two, it was all one disappointment after another for Mousesports. Poor results and awful team morale resulted in the woxic bymas switch, with people claiming woxic’s behavior was taking its toll on both the team and the results.

Individual Player Qualities

It’s tough to call this one. Both teams have excellent sets of players; both can be dangerous round in and round out, so it’s rather difficult to call the winner here. The most important thing for Mousesports is the fact that Bymas is playing like a true champ out there. He’s been by far Mousesports’ best player against NaVi.

ChrisJ didn’t show up for the occasion, though. Ropz and frozen weren’t overly exciting either. If the Dutch international jumps back up and shows his prowess against ENCE, we’ll be looking at totally different gameplay by Mouz.

Allu and SuNny were the best players for ENCE against Complexity. However, the problem was the fact that sergej, Jamppi, and Aerial never showed up. If they have another one of those matches, I reckon Mousesports won’t have too much trouble dealing with them. And by too much trouble I meant – they won’t have major issues in the decider round.

My Pick
Mousesports to Win 2:1

I just couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. Mousesports to win 2:1 at +210 brings forth massive value. I mean, just scroll back to the map pool section and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Of course, I can’t guarantee that the match is really going to end 2:1 in favor of Mousesports… but damn near everything points in that direction.

Feel free to lower the risk, if you wish. ENCE to win at least one map is at around -300. Or, you can always go with a good old match-winner on Mousesports at -143. Either way, we’re up for a real classic!

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