Mousesports vs. Faze Clan Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Betting Predictions

We were one from two last time out. This time around, we’re going to do just one ESL One Road to Rio EU match. As the title implies, I’m talking about Mousesports vs. Faze – a match that has all the makings of a classic. The rivalry between these two teams is off the charts. It’s been that way for quite a while, even before NiKo signed for Faze Clan back in February 2017.

Both Mousesports and Faze Clan belong to the very highest portion of the European region.

They’ve been nothing but brilliant throughout these years, showing off one awesome roster after another. At the moment, both teams seem to be near the top of their game, with slightly oscillating forms on both ends. Both of them also need to win this match, which is what makes our Mousesports vs. Faze predictions that much more interesting!

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Mousesports vs. Faze Predictions

Now that we’ve shed some light onto the best esports bookmakers you can use, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and check out the important stuff. Of course, by that, I am referring to Mousesports vs. Faze predictions. Betting predictions, mind you. After all, that’s why the vast majority of you are reading this!

Mousesports Needs a Win

Let’s start off with the obvious – these two sides are coming into this match with drastically different approaches and, potentially, team talks. You see, the first three matches were pretty good for Faze Clan. NiKo and the boys are finally looking like the team they were supposed to be all along. They’re individually superb, possess a ton of firepower, and aren’t afraid to show their might at every aspect of the game. Thus far they’ve defeated North, G2, and Movistar Riders.

If they win against Mousesports tomorrow, they’re almost guaranteed a spot on the upper bracket.

Mousesports, on the other hand, haven’t been all that good. A team that exploded onto the fron page of CS:Go late 2019 is now a mere shell of its former self. Woxic and the rest of the “new” Mousesports roster aren’t in the greatest of forms, losing their first two ESL One: RTR matches (againt Riders and North), and barely making up for it against C0ntact yesterday.

If they lose against Faze Clan, their chances of reaching the playoffs will be pretty slim.

Faze Clan Looking Strong

Yep, it feels weird when I say it, but it’s true – Faze Clan is finally looking strong.

As I stated earlier, they’re finally approaching the potential everyone expected them to reach a long time ago.

After all, we’re talking about the team that signed a superstar after a superstar. GuardiaN, NiKo, olofmeister, and now coldzera too. GuardiaN is out of the picture, I know, but broky and rain seem more than capable of supporting this flashy superstar roster. Even though they aren’t the biggest stars, they know how to get the show going every now and then, which is why our Mousesports vs. Faze predictions will keep them both in mind.

Heck, the 19-year-old Latvian sensation is holding up pretty well, averaging just behind Niko (stats-wise) since the start of the year. NiKo is still a level above everyone else. Most importantly, though, he’s finally managing to keep his cool in tricky situations, which is what helped Faze Clan snatch four consecutive wins.


When it comes to the map pool, Faze should be superior on Mirage, Inferno, and Overpass.

Dust 2 and Nuke are no man’s land, while Train and Vertigo go resoundingly in favor of Mousesports. I can see both teams grabbing their own map, which is why my first Mousesports vs. Faze predictions are based on the good old map totals.

Ye, you’ve guessed it – total maps over 2.5 is my go-to bet for this one.

If you’re not up for yet another total maps bet (and honestly, I can’t blame you), then let’s dig a bit deeper! For instance, recent head to head matches skews the odds significantly. You see, even though Faze Clan is considered as the slightest of favorites coming into this match, Mousesports are miles ahead in terms of recent head to head matches. Woxic and the boys won last three Bo3s, two of which were in the last month or so. The last time Mousesports lost against Faze Clan was way back in August 2019, on the StarLadder Major Berlin.

That said, -110 on Mousesports holds good value too.

It’s not the safest, risk-free bet you’re going to see today, but it’s not half bad either! And, if you’re looking for something that goes great into both singles and accumulators, they don’t come much better than the following two CS:GO betting predictions:

That would be it for today!

Thank you all for reading, and wish you the best of luck!

And, as always,


My Pick
Mousesports to Win!
Total Maps Over 2.5 at
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