Mousesports vs. GODSENT Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Betting Predictions

The European ESL One: Road to Rio event is nearing the playoffs stage while the North American event’s first quarterfinals matchup is just about to start. If you’re interested in betting on the highly anticipated clash between Liquid and Aussies, feel free to skim through our 100 Thieves vs. Team Liquid betting predictions. If, on the other hand, Mousesports vs. GODSENT predictions are what you’re here for, you’re at the right place!

Why did I choose this particular match? After all, there will be several other, potentially much more entertaining clashes. Well, for one, Mousesports desperately needs to win against GODSENT. The yellow jackets are Mousesports’ direct competitors for the upper bracket territory, which is why Woxic and the boys will have to display their A-game. There will be no calculations on either end, which makes this bet perfect for value hunting. Esports specials are always awesome, and I believe we’ll have to take a closer look at the specialties section to find the best value here.

But, before we go value hunting and analyzing both teams, here’s a quick step by step guide on how to place your first CS:GO bet!

How to Start Betting on CS:GO | A Quick CS:GO Betting 101

If you’re among tons of people who are pursuing the start of their CS:GO betting career, you might be looking for credible sources that can help you out with your teething issues. Online esports betting teething issues, mind you.

If that’s the case, boy do we have something awesome for you! It’s in the shape of a short step by step guide (six steps) that will give you a better picture of the things you need to do to start placing your first CS:GO wagers.

It’s a pretty straightforward list so let’s get right to it:

  1. Find a decent bookmaker. Our favorite CS:GO betting sites can be found here.
  2. Complete the registration process which usually requires you to verify your govt ID.
  3. Complete the initial deposit and don’t cheap out as it could get you hefty bonus funds.
  4. Find CS:GO markets. They are usually located on the left or top portion of the page.
  5. Experiment with different odds, perhaps invest time in learning CS:GO specials.
  6. Profit!!!

If you like what you’ve seen here but you’re afraid you’ll need more help, feel free to explore our detailed guide on CS:GO betting. It ought to give you a much clearer picture not just regarding your first steps but consistency, research-based info, and strategy advice. It’s a good read, we promise!

Mousesports vs. GODSENT Predictions

With the quick run through the short step by step CS:GO betting guide, let’s turn our attention towards Mousesports vs. GODSENT predictions! As far as group B winning spot goes, Faze is looking pretty safe out there with five wins and not a single loss to their tally. GODSENT is aiming the second spot that leads to the upper bracket, but so is Mousesports. If Woxic and the boys take down GODSENT, they’ll already be one step away from the upper bracket considering the fact they defeated the remaining contestant, G2.

As for the actual Mousesports vs. GODSENT predictions, here’s what you need to know before you invest a ton of money on either end!

Can Mousesports Stay Alive?

Mousesports looked outright awful during their first two matches. They were on the edge of knocking themselves out before the tournament had even begun properly. With losses against North and Riders, Mouz put themselves in quite a tricky situation. They were up against C0ntact in a match that was all or nothing for them. Luckily, that match proved to be somewhat of a turning point.

Even though Mousesports ended up losing against Faze Clan in the next round, they came back stronger and defeated G2 in what was a marvelous match from start to finish. The third map thriller on Dust 2 was brilliant – KennyS went on a 32-kill match and 1.64 HLTV rating, but that wasn’t enough for Mousesports majestic trio (ropz, woxic a, and frozen). HuNter was missing from that match, ending up with one of the worst individual performances I’ve ever seen on a notable event such as this one. 56.5 ADR, and 0.57 HLTV rating – a proper disaster for NiKo’s cousin…

Back to Mousesports – there’s no more room for errors! If Woxic and the boys want a better RTR result from the first event in the series, then they’ll have to bring their A-game forward and defeat GODSENT with style. They’re going up against Copenhagen Flames in the final round… but that match won’t mean much if GODSENT takes the big W tomorrow.

GODSENT Aiming for the Upper Bracket

I really didn’t expect much from GODSENT coming into this event. Yes, I knew about their late-2019 acquisition of SMASH, and I knew they’d be hoping for a playoffs finish… but I didn’t think they’d go on and win three out of their first five matches.

If maikelele and the fellas win against Mousesports tomorrow, they’ll be one step closer to the upper bracket. They’d still have to win against Riders in the last round and hope G2 slip up against either C0ntact or North. If not, GODSENT and G2 will end up with the same number of points. In that case, G2 would be the upper bracket contestant because of their head to head win.

On the other hand, I find GODSENT winning against Mousesports highly unlikely. Despite Mousesports’ poor run of form thus far on ESL One: Road to Rio EU event, they are a class above GODSENT and they should make their presence known right off the bat and until the very end!

CS:GO Betting Picks

Contrary to popular beliefs, this match won’t be that closely contested! Despite the fact GODSENT won three matches thus far, the quality of their opposition wasn’t all that good. As soon as they faced off against a stronger team (like G2 and Faze), they crumbled to pieces.

Mousesports belongs to the very best teams out there, even though they aren’t exactly in the greatest of forms. Their starting lineup has a ton of talent onboard, that goes without saying. The only thing they need to work on is getting that talent to show. That’s been a huge problem lately, but I’m sure they’ll get their act together and show off an inspiring performance against GODSENT.

As a matter of fact, Mousesports’ map pool possesses a lot more depth than that of GODSENT. Even though Styko and the boys are well-versed on Nuke, Train, and Overpass, I honestly think the only map they stand a chance on against Mousesports at the moment is Overpass. And we can rest assured Mousesports is going to ban that one right off the bat. Everything else goes heavily in favor of Mousesports… yes, Including Nuke and Train which, stats-wise, could go either way.

So yeah, what I’m basically trying to say here is that Mousesports is the superior side map-wise. When we combine that with an individually superior starting lineup and slightly better form in the last three matches, Mousesports seems like the perfect option here.

At -120, Mousesports 2:0 win doesn’t seem too shabby. It’s a well-rounded bet, one that can work for both accumulators and singles, on lower and medium stakes. It’s worth a shot because, and I just had to repeat this once again, Mousesports needs a dominant win here!

Prediction: Mousesports to Win 2-0 at (-120)

My Pick

Wrapping Everything Up

It’s time to call it a day, fellas! I’ve elaborated and emphasized my Mousesports vs. GODSENT predictions after deeply analyzing both sides. Once again, I reckon this won’t be as tight of a match as most people seem to think. Yes, Mousesports hasn’t been all that good recently, but it’s still Mousesports we’re talking about, and their current roster can explode at any given time.

With that in mind, I’m confident our somewhat high-risk wager will go through today.

In the end, I’d like to thank you all for reading and hope to see you around again!


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