Movistar Riders vs G2 Esports Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Betting Predictions

Even though we went on quite the roll during the first three days of this event, the last batch of ESL One: Road to Rio predictions was particularly tough. True, we went with two very risky bets, one of which almost went through.

Today, though, let’s try coming back even stronger with research-driven Riders vs. G2 predictions that ought to help us turn another page!

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Riders vs. G2 Predictions

With that out of our way, let’s focus on Riders vs. G2 predictions and try to cash in on our hard work!

For starters, I should emphasize the current standings of these two teams. They are in group B; FaZe is still at the top with three from three, while G2 and Movistar Riders being right behind NiKo and the company. More precisely, GODSENT, Riders, and G2 are all share the second spot of group B with a 2-1 win/lose score. Regulations-wise, G2 is at the second spot with the greatest round-w/l ratio.

When it comes to roster cohesion and consistency, Movistar Riders are right up there with the best.

This Spanish roster featuring a pinch of Brazilian flair is a relatively unknown org, but they’ve been inside the top 40 for quite awhile now. Plus, their current roster has been playing together since October last year, which isn’t something most top 40 teams can boast with.

However, Riders are going up against a team that’s been within the top ten for the majority of 2020. G2 showed off great form in March but has slightly dropped since then. Nexa and huNter, their newest starting players, are still leading the charge…

However, a surprisingly bad ESL Pro League performance took the wind out of their sales, which clearly shows in the way they started off their ESL One: Road to Rio adventure.

Riders, on the other hand, defeated Mousesports just last week. That’s something we have to keep in mind for our Riders vs. G2 predictions!

Wicked Stats for Riders

Yep, that wasn’t a typo – Riders defeated Mousesports last week in what was one of the biggest surprises in group B thus far. I can’t say the Spaniards cruised to victory, but a resounding 2-0 on the scoreboards speaks pretty loud.

True, there was overtime drama on the second map, but still… Riders emerged as the winners, led by a brilliant performance by mopoz and steel.

C0ntact Gaming was another big test, much bigger than most people thought initially. I could see C0ntact easily taking that one home… and they would have if it wasn’t for another brilliant performance by steel. FaZe put an end to Riders’ form, but in a match that could’ve gone either way right until the very end. Riders showed plenty of tenacity which is why I don’t consider them as outsiders coming into this match.

Can Riders Prevail?

However, I can’t really say I believe they’ll win either. They will definitely put up a proper fight; that’s something their tenacity and map pool depth bring forth. G2 has the individual firepower to close this one out, and I believe that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Riders don’t perform well against teams with brilliant individuals, plus the match against FaZe must’ve affected the overall team morale.

However, despite Riders enjoying two out of three wins thus far, bookies have them as major outsiders. G2 to win is at -500, which might be a good idea for a week-long accumulator, but just isn’t going to cut it as a single wager. Instead, you can spice things up with a juicy +205 bet on G2 to win 2:1. I know this is another high-risk bet you’re getting from me… but I can’t help it – there’s just too much value here!

That’s it, fellas!

Thank you all for sticking till the very end; hopefully it will be well worth your time…

Until next time,


My Pick
G2 to win 2:1!
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