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We’re back, boys and girls! With less than two weeks separating us from the PGL Major, we’ll be more than happy to traverse back to BLAST Premier waters. This time around, we’re in for the Showdown. Sixteen teams but just two more spots left for the Fall Finals. You better get ready for our Movistar vs. betting predictions!

Let’ see which of these two will take the next step towards their Finals’ ticket!

G2 vs. ENCE Odds

Here are the odds for this CSGO matchup:

Movistar to win:
+153 to Win:
-192 -1.5:
Movistar +1.5:

Disclaimer – odds are subject to change

Even though Movistar Riders are coming off a marvelous display on IEM XVI Fall, CSGO bookies still favor to take this one. At -192, VP moneyline could be worth a shot. But, CSGO bets can’t be decided this quickly. We need to take a closer look at both sides to find out winner!

Movistar vs. Betting Prediction

Movistar and played just one h2h match. It was back in the AVANGAR days of this VP roster, and they took the Spaniards down with 16-7 on the scoreboard. But, that was way back in 2019. Plenty has changed since then, so we won’t be taking anything from this match into account.

Movistar Riders Betting Preview

Movistar Riders are one of the nicest IEM XVI Fall stories! They went through the group after tiebreaker wins but failed to surprise NiP. They did stand their ground against the Swedes, though, some credit has to be given to them.

But, they did wonders in the remainder of their matches, beating both CPHF and G2 to secure the fifth place… and with it, a spot on the PGL Major in Stockholm later this month. They will be playing as one of eight Challengers and, if they can continue playing so aggressively, could stand as decent contestants going forward.

Much of their gameplay relied on their newest arrival SunPayus. The 22-year-old AWPer is making it rain out there, but the thing is – the rest of the squad is following in his footsteps. Movistar, when they kick things off the right way, are a formidable side. The question is – are we going to see them step up for the challenge tomorrow? Betting Preview

If they do, we’re going to see a very tight match tomorrow! If they don’t, YEKINDAR and Jame will sweep the floor with them. Maps-wise, the CIS team will fancy their chances or Mirage, Dust 2, and Overpass. But, it’s worth mentioning that Dust 2 is likely to be banned right off the bat.

Generally speaking, aren’t in the best of forms. They did clinch the PGL Major, but it didn’t really end the way they wanted. Poor displays on IEM XVI Fall CIS leave much to be desired, especially after such good plays on Pinnacle Fall Series #1.

Luckily for them, YEKINDAR is in great form.

But, Movistar Riders have shown us they know how to play against teams that play similarly to That’s something we need to reflect on our Movistar vs. betting predictions.
That said, let’s wrap this puppy up!

Wrapping Things Up

We’re going to see a very fast-paced game of CSGO here. Movistar are in proper form following their IEM XVI Fall displays, and ought to act like proper contenders against the CIS team. That said, here’s what I’m going with:

Movistar vs. Betting Predictions:
Movistar +1.5!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. Check out our BetOnline review here.

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While I want to believe will take Movistar Riders down tomorrow, I must not take the Spaniards’ form for granted. They’re coming off an impressive display on IEM XVI Fall, meaning we’re bound to see them take a map against the CIS side.

Statistically, that map is likely going to be Inferno or Nuke, perhaps even Vertigo. It all depends on what YEKINDAR and the boys ban. All in all, Movistar Riders +1.5 at -172 is my bet here. Take it or leave it!

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