NaVi vs. FURIA Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Fall Finals Match Analysis

BLAST Premier Fall Finals are halfway through! We’ve seen the first two rounds of matches pan out in an orderly fashion.

Not a single surprise has happened yet, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see any.

These gigantic events are known for messing things up somewhere along the line, and our NaVi vs. FURIA predictions are here to find out whether or not an upset will happen in this one!

Which Special Bets Are Available for BLAST Premier Fall Finals?

BLAST Premier Fall Finals is one of the biggest CSGO events this year, so there was always going to be an abundance of available CSGO betting options. Let’s check out the most important ones:


Match-winner wagers are the bread and butter of sports (and esports) betting. It’s the simplest wager of them all – just pick the team you think will win. If you pick correctly, you’re the winner! If you’re a beginner with absolutely no prior experience with online esports betting, match-winners is what you should concentrate on.

Total Maps

If you’ve been following our picks for a while, you probably know I love total maps over/under wagers. They’re simple, always possess solid odds (on both ends), and entertaining to follow. However, don’t think they’re risk-free – they’ll make your head spin in a jiffy!

Correct Score

Correct score is the riskiest bet out of this bunch. It’s not available in Bo1 matchups for obvious reasons but is often among the most popular bets on Bo3 and Bo5 encounters. You basically have to correctly predict not just the outcome of a match but the correct score too. For example – 2:1 in favor of NaVi, or 2:0 in favor of FURIA. Yep, it’s risky… but the returns are quite big!

NaVi vs. FURIA Predictions

NaVi and FURIA played just one head-to-head match thus far and it was way back in July 2019.

NaVi took the win on Overpass and Nuke, but both maps were tightly contested by the Brazilians.

Those were different times for FURIA; heck, NaVi was playing a different style of CSGO too… plus it was a long time ago, meaning their h2h match doesn’t really affect our NaVi vs. FURIA predictions.


FURIA’s 2020 has been nothing but great! The Brazilians finally emerged from MIBR’s shadows and positioned themselves as one of (if not the) best teams in NA. They’ve played in seven grand finals this year, and have won five of them. The most recent title dates back to mid-October when yuurih and the boys conquered the NA IEM XV New York.

Since arriving to the Old Continent, FURIA hasn’t been at its best. It’s only logical considering the level of competitiveness in NA is much lower. Still, they clinched a spot on the Finals and will definitely be fancying their chances against NaVi tomorrow.

As for Navi, they’ve been switching back and forth from European to CIS events. Surprisingly enough, they’ve had more success in Europe than they’ve had in their own region. They just don’t know how to counter their fellow CIS sides.

In Europe, though, NaVi has always been a force to be reckoned with… and 2020 brought much of the same stuff!

Most recently, NaVi lost the grand finals of IEM XV Beijing in late November. Prior to that, they had lost another grand finals contest (against Astralis) followed by a drama-packed IEM New York CIS. Form-wise, there’s no separating these two… and something tells me we’re in for more of the same in the remainder of our NaVi vs. FURIA picks.

Individual Stats

If we count in individual stats and nothing else, NaVi would take the win here without breaking a sweat. I mean, there’s no one quite like S1mple, right? But, there’s more to CSGO than the sum of individuals, and FURIA is the prime example.

Please Note:
While yuurih and KSCERATO are fine fraggers, their individual stats don’t stand out that much.

The thing that FURIA cares most about is teamwork. That’s their trade; that’s what they’re good at. NaVi vs. FURIA predictions is basically a one-man team against a true collective… and it’s much tougher to call than might seem at first glance.

Map Pool Stats

Yep, you’ve guessed it – the map pool stats don’t point to a clear winner either. Mirage, Nuke, and Overpass are in a mighty deadlock. Vertigo and Inferno is what FURIA will like to play on; Dust 2 and Train ought to be NaVi’s picks. I reckon the outcome depends on the banning phase, which means our NaVi vs. FURIA predictions won’t be featuring a match-winner!

NaVi vs. FURIA Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5

There’s just no way to call this one! Both teams have had their ups and downs not just on this event but the entirety of 2020. One of them is going to get eliminated tomorrow, and I honestly can’t tell them apart. NaVi is better in some areas of the game, mainly individual quality courtesy of S1mple, but FURIA’s teamwork should play a vital role should they come out as the winning team.

In these types of scenarios, I always go with the trusty total maps over 2.5. At +109, solid value if I may add, this is the only viable option for our NaVi vs. FURIA predictions!

As always, I’m glad you stuck around till the very end – let’s hope our NaVi vs. FURIA predictions yield good results!

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