NaVi vs. Liquid Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Global Final Analysis

Natus Vincere Vs Liquid

What do we have here, boys and girls? It’s NaVi vs. Liquid, an opening-round match worthy of your attention. Yep, competitive CSGO is back on the menu… and with it, so are our esports predictions. As the heading implies, today is going to be all about NaVi vs. Liquid predictions, so it’s about time we kick it off, right?


We’re going to take a more informative path here, one that will serve well to both beginners and more experienced esports betting enthusiasts. It’s nothing special, merely a short section with some handy-dandy CSGO betting tips.

CSGO Betting Tips | 2021 Edition

Here are three handy tips that could give your esports betting endeavors the boost they deserve:

Never Settle for a Mediocre Bookie

In this day and age, with a plethora of high-quality esports bookmakers available, you shouldn’t settle for one that can’t deliver a good experience. Online betting on CSGO should be fun; it shouldn’t feel like a chore… and that’s something you might go through if you settle for a subpar option.

Please Note:
If you’re not sure which bookies are a good option, consider clicking the link above. It’ll take you to our CSGO betting guide that has your answers.

Bonuses are Good

Don’t think bonuses are good for nothing; I see plenty of people think that way and it’s just wrong! Bonuses are good because they allow you to experiment with bets you would otherwise be way too uncomfortable with.

Bonuses, especially esports bonuses, give you a bunch of additional options to explore. It’s a big bonus if you’re effective at exploiting it. You don’t need to cash them out for them to be a boost!

Don’t Waste Too Much Money

If you’re a beginner, there’s really no need for you to splurge through your life savings all in one go. Keep your investments low until you get a proper grasp over the whole esports betting thing… especially if you have no prior experience with online gambling. The same goes for all you experienced bettors too, come to think of it.

There’s a big difference between enjoying betting on esports and chasing your losses. One is fun, the other is a proper danger.

NaVi vs. Liquid Predictions

NaVi and Liquid are both expecting to remain in the upper bracket, but only one of them will have that privilege.

Who will it be?

Well, fingers crossed our NaVi vs. Liquid predictions call the right winner!

What will we base our predictions on this time around? Well, we’ll go about our business in the usual manner – expectations, form, map pool and individual strengths. Information will be scarce, though… but it’s not surprising considering we’ve had a lengthy winter break.


Both teams have plenty of experience to boast with. Both sets of players have gone through thick and thin to be featured on top-tier pro teams… but they don’t have the same expectations coming into this one. NaVi is expecting to win BLAST Premier Global Finals, there’s no doubt in that. Heck, the CIS champions were so consistent last year that their fans expect a solid outing on every event now. Everything that’s not a top-four finish is going to be a huge disappointment for NaVI.

Liquid, on the other hand, hope they finally have the recipe for success… but I doubt they’re expecting to win this one. Sure, they might be secretly hoping for an upset, but they’re realistically one of the main underdogs here.


As you probably know by now, Natus Vincere has been one of the most consistent teams last year. They didn’t win that many titles, but were consistently fighting for silverware and showing off exceptional form. They’re bound to transition it into 2021, and I reckon the opening round against Liquid will showcase their intentions.

As for Liquid, they’re already trying to forget 2020.

While only a few people expected them to reach the heights of 2019, it was still absurd to see them sink so low. Now that FalleN has joined, perhaps we’ll see a new Team Liquid rise from the ashes… or perhaps they’ll remain the third-best team in the region. Yep, the region, not the world!

Map Pool Stats

Statistically speaking, the only map on which Liquid should have an advantage is Dust 2. NaVi just can’t deliver a solid performance on that map, period. Everything else should be, more or less, in favor of the CIS champions, even the permabans.

However, take all of the above with a grain of salt because both of these teams haven’t played a competitive match in a while. Plus, Team Liquid has a brand-new player who doesn’t perfectly align with the rest of the team… and that could complicate the map pool game even more.

Individual Stats

It’s difficult to divide these two in regard to individual performers. We have s1mple on one end, who is sort of like a deity on the server – he’s never to be taken for granted! On the other end, we have the likes of eliGE and FalleN. The thing is, we know for a fact NaVi is more than the sum of its individual parts. However, with FalleN making his debut appearance for Liquid, they could be an unsynchronized mess.

Vitality vs. Complexity Betting Predictions
NaVi to Win!

NaVi is going to kickstart their 2021 off in a winning style. S1mple and the boys are in for a wild ride this year, following a solid 2020, despite all of its setbacks. While I do expect Liquid to be quite the opponent, I think it’s too risky complicating this one with correct score or total maps over.

A simple match-winner on the CIS champions against the dethroned NA giant… Don’t let us down S1mple!

If you like to live dangerously, you can always opt for something like correct score 2:1 in favor of NaVi. That one will give you +180, but I just don’t consider it more valuable than the above-advised match-winner. If NaVi snowballs, if S1mple snowballs to be more precise, we could see an easy 2:0 blowout here. After all, we can’t know just how well FalleN has synchronized with his new teammates.

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