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Navi Vs Mouseports ESL Pro League

The business end of the competition is just around the corner. With slightly more than 24 hours separating us from the first knockout stage match, the European ESL Pro League S12 is coming to a close. NaVi vs. Mousesports predictions is what we’re going to be talking about here, a thrilling encounter that’s going to push one team to the upper bracket semifinals, and the other to the lower bracket round 1.

The other three quarterfinals are rather interesting too. Perhaps the most interesting one is the Danish duel featuring Astralis and Heroic. The remaining matches are BIG vs. Team Spirit and Complexity vs. ENCE. As you all know, both NA and SA events are done and dusted, with FURIA and BOOM Esports taking the titles.

Looking at the team sheet, I’d say the names are quite surprising. Sure, the likes of NaVi, Complexity, BIG, and Astralis were expected, but others came in quite unexpectedly. Sure, some of you will say that Mousesports and Heroic reaching the playoffs were all but surprising, but come on, do you really believe that?

Let’s put that aside, for now, and focus on NaVi vs. Mousesports predictions! After all, that’s what you came here for – to find proper esports picks!

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NaVi vs. Mousesports Predictions

With all that done and dealt with, it’s time to address the elephant in the room – NaVi vs. Mousesports predictions. Yep, we’re almost halfway through the piece and we still haven’t made any closer look at the two sides.

It’s time to change that!


We’ll be checking out the form at the very start of our NaVi vs. Mousesports predictions. After all, the form will tell us a great deal about both teams; their strengths, weaknesses, and how they stack against each other ahead of this quarterfinal.

Starting off with NaVi – we’re looking at a team that has just one proper title this year. Technically, they have two, but I’m not going to count WePlay! Clutch Island as a proper title. All that remains is IEM XIV WC. $250,000 in prize money after stomping over G2 in the grand finals – now that’s what I call a proper contest!

2020 has been nothing but trouble for Mousesports. They had to make roster alterations yet again because their overall form was all over the place. They had just two solid events thus far, ICE Challenge 2020 title and second-place ESL Pro League S11 Europe…. But those were way back in February and April.

Map Pool Depth

Map pool stats are pretty hit and miss on both ends. NaVi’s Dust 2, Train, and Overpass stats are superior to Mousesports’, but the latter is Mousesports’ permaban so it might not count in the end. Mouz looks pretty on point as far as diversity goes, but they don’t have a single map over 70% (Nuke).

So, we have a pretty well-versed team on one end, and S1mple on the other end…

Which way will our NaVi vs. Mousesports predictions pan out?

Well, I guess we’ll make the final decision following the players’ section.

Top Players on Both Ends

Once again, S1mple has to be pointed out as the most dangerous man in Natus Vincere’s lineup. Heck, he has to be pointed out as one of the most dangerous CSGO players period. He’s always a danger on the server, no matter how bad his form might be – he’s always there and you can never know when he’ll have one of his explosions. His gameplay is so simple (pun intended) but pitch-perfect – if he starts swinging from early on, Mousesports will be in for a tough time.

Luckily, Mousesports has a set of fine players too.

ChrisJ has been in solid form, but the rest of the roster isn’t half bad either. Bymas is settling in nicely, and now that woxic is out of the equation, the team morale seems much better than before. On the individual side of things, they definitely stand a chance against S1mple’s Natus Vincere!

NaVi vs. Mousesports Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5!

Correct score 2:1 in favor of Natus Vincere is what I’d go with if I was a risk-taker. S1mple and the boys ought to pull this one in their favor, but ChrisJ and the mouz boys won’t go down without a fight. They’re pretty well-versed across the competitive map pool, so they’re likely to take a map off the CIS fellas.

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