NaVi vs. NiP Betting Predictions, Picks & Value Hunting

Navi Vs NiP

Finally, a fresh wind of victory is in our sails. Our DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 betting campaign wasn’t off to a good start, but we’re finally back with a few wins to our name. We are close to being even with our bookie, but even is not what we’re aiming for here! We’re aiming for profit, and I reckon our Navi vs. NiP predictions will take us there!

Welcome to group D – one and a half rounds of matches are all done and dusted – the third round kickstarts tomorrow, followed by NiP vs. ENCE to close things off. Thus far, teams that played two matches both lost one and won one. ENCE is the only undefeated team in the group, but they’ve only played one match thus far. Surprisingly enough, it was against NaVi and they won it.

Today’s matchup could end in a surprise too. In fact, lots of stats point in a surprising direction, which is why I believe Navi vs. NiP predictions will possess massive value. That said, let’s cut the introduction here and get down and dirty with our CS:GO betting predictions!

NaVi vs. NiP Predictions

Natus Vincere is the favorite coming into this match, despite the fact they’re coming into it following a nasty defeat against ENCE. Yep, against out-of-form ENCE of all teams. Truth be told, NaVi is in a slump of their own too. They came into this event following a disastrous run on CIS ESL One: Road to Rio. S1mple and the company hoped to turn a new page and kicked things off with a nice win against Vitality… but the Finns took them by surprise. And now, the Swedes will be hoping to do the same thing!

Key Factors

Individual strength goes in favor of NaVi, not just because of S1mple but because of electronic too. Both of them have been playing pretty well in recent weeks, despite NaVi’s generally disheartening results. NiP has had a couple of solid matches every now and then, but there’s not a single individual worth pointing out here.

Map pool is another vital factor we need to assess before cementing our NaVi vs. NiP predictions. Believe it or not, NiP has a deeper map pool than the CIS team. The only maps NaVi has been better on during the last three months are Dust 2 and Nuke. NiP doesn’t play Dust 2 at all and Nuke is their worst maps at the moment (alongside Mirage which NaVi usually bans). Inferno, Overpass and Vertigo all go in favor of NiP. Train, on the other hand, is 50-50, meaning high potential for overtime.

NaVi vs. NiP Predictions

I’m going with NiP here, yep! Never thought I’d see this day, but it’s happening – NaVi don’t seem to be out of their slump just yet and their loss against ENCE confirmed that. S1mple is playing well; electronic too, but the rest of the team just isn’t there. NiP didn’t look too good either. They played only one match thus far and they’ve bottled it. A nasty loss against Vitality didn’t exactly go as planned, meaning nawwk and the boys need to get back up with a resounding win against NaVi. It’s not going to be easy, but at +155 I’m loving the value here…

Betting on CS:GO | Things to Keep in Mind

Now that we’re all done with our NaVi vs. NiP picks, here’s a brief informative section catered towards both beginners and experienced bettors. It features three things to keep in mind if you’re trying to be in the green at the end of each month.

You Can’t Become Rich Overnight

Local betting stories are the best. A friend of a friend is now living the life after winning $200,000 with a massive accumulator. Or better yet – a friend of mine just bought a new BMW and he’s got no job – all he does is bet on stuff online…

While I’m not saying all these stories are outright lies (not necessarily), if you want to start betting on CS:GO thinking you’ll get rich in a matter of days, you should turn away immediately and never come back. It’s as simple as that!

Bet for the thrill of it! Bet for some extra money on the side every now and then. If you’re betting for the sole purpose of getting rich, you’ll end up either gravely disappointed or completely broke. You’re not the first one, though – lots of people think online esports betting can make them rich. Don’t be like that as it will only make you miserable, one way or another.

The best way to approach esports betting is to take things slowly; one step at a time.

Join Several Bookies

Why should you join several bookies? Have I never heard about loyalty before? Calm down guys, there’s a completely logical reason why you should always have a multitude of online betting options. The biggest reason – bonuses! Having a multitude of accounts (on different bookies, mind you) will help you get more than a single welcome bonus. This will allow you to make more experiments with your starting bets and help you get the much-necessary leeway. Having a multitude of accounts means you can make one-to-one comparisons of your bets, which is especially important if you’re interested in esports specials and accumulators.

Half-Baked Betting is a Big No-No

Never venture into bets with half-baked research. Sure, it’s okay to splash in a few low stake wagers every now and then, but investing a lot of money on pure luck or your gut is not a good way to go, that’s for sure!

When talking about mid to high stake wagers, you should always come into them with a mind packed with knowledge.

Not just knowledge about the competing teams but their current rosters, ongoing issues, form, past head to head matches, map pool percentages and stuff like that. CS:GO betting takes a lot of time and effort… for those that want to be on the winning end of the spectrum, that is.

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