NaVi vs. Spirit Betting Predictions | IEM XV Beijing-Haidian Match Analysis

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It’s no secret that NaVi and Team Spirit belong to the top circle of CIS pro scene. NaVi are obviously at the very top spot, but the tenacious Russian team led by mir isn’t going to step down without a fight. S1mple and the boys now have a proper fight on their hands; a fight that’ll either push them through to the playoffs or send them home.

If you’re into esports betting picks, you’ve come to the right place! Our NaVi vs. Spirit predictions are here to analyze both sides and present you with research-driven picks later on. If you’re a frequent visitor, you know the drill – let’s get right into the action!

NaVi vs. Spirit Predictions

Believe it or not, this matchup brings forth a ton of value… and from a surprising option, mind you. Things may not be as they seem right off the bat, which is why we’re going to be taking a closer look at both Team Spirit and Natus Vincere!

Recent Campaigns

Make no mistake – Natus Vincere are considered one of the best teams at the moment. However, their recent campaigns suggest otherwise. Yes, they’ve had a good ESL Pro League S12 campaign in October, losing against Astralis in the grand finals. Their IEM XV NY CIS campaign wasn’t up to par; it was packed with drama and NaVi were forced to forfeit the third-place match against Team Spirit due to Perfecto’s COVID positive test.

Generally speaking, Team Spirit has had more success in the last few months! But, that’s all trivial because the quality of the events they’ve attended hasn’t been at the highest level. Wins against teams like Winstrike, Nemiga, Gambit, and Ethereal aren’t the same as winning against the likes of Europe’s best.

To make one thing clear though – NaVi hasn’t defeated a single top-tier side in their last fourteen matches. True, they defeated MAD Lions and NiP, but that’s as good as they’ve managed to overcome lately. Yep, NaVi vs. Spirit predictions are going to be much more complex than what I initially thought.

Map Pool Stats

Team Spirit’s map pool is slightly superior to that of NaVi. They both have Vertigo as their permaban, so the remaining six maps will dictate the tempo of this encounter.

Statistically, Spirit’s biggest advantage lies in Overpass and Dust 2, although their win rate is superior on Train, Inferno, and Mirage as well. Nuke is the only map on which NaVi has a statistical advantage, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they opt for something like Mirage or Train for their first pick.

Individuals Stats

Not gonna lie – NaVi takes the win here. S1mple is just too good to be forgotten in these types of scenarios. He’s the most brilliant player out there; a skiller who’s capable of resolving rounds with one flick of the wrist. Such fragging potential is not to be taken for granted, that’s for sure.

But, that’s not to say Team Spirit lacks quality roster-wise. Mir has been nothing but spectacular lately. The 24-year-old Russian AWPer takes no prisoners, and his team will need every bit of his fragging potential to defeat S1mple’s Navi. The real question is – can they make it happen?

Betting Pick
Spirit to Win

Yep, we’re going against the favorites here! I mean, Natus Vincere isn’t that big of a favorite anyway. Their last five matches haven’t been all that good, whereas Spirit is slowly (but surely) stepping up for the occasion. The thing is – the playoffs are on the line here and both teams will give their 110% to go through. However, only one of them will be able to qualify, and from all we’ve seen in these NaVi vs. Spirit predictions, mir and the boys should stand tall… unless S1mple has one of those matches, that is!

Don’t get me wrong – betting on Spirit against NaVi is rather risky. If you’re not comfortable with that wager, you can try to find a similarly valuable alternative. Total maps over 2.5 at +107 seems rather nice. The value is still there, but you’re not dependent on the decider map winner… assuming both teams take their map picks.

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