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Navi Vs Vitality IEM

The first two days of IEM Cologne are all wrapped up. We’ve had several marathon matches, but proper action through and through. So far so good as far as our betting picks are concerned. We still haven’t had any major upsets, plus the odds in general have been pretty solid across the board. Is the event going to continue in the same fashion for our NaVi vs. Vitality predictions too? Well, I see no reason why it shouldn’t…

CSGO bookies are doing all the right moves here. Their coverage is excellent ,they’re getting planty of traffic, and I think we can all agree that the IEM XVI Cologne event has been nothing but successful thus far. Looking at all the major aspects, things couldn’t be better!

Well, they could – if we nail down NaVi vs. Vitality predictions correctly, of course!

NaVi vs. Vitality Predictions

H2H clashes are always important, with NaVi and Vitality playing just once since the start of the year. NaVi took the win on BLAST Premier Global Final. Lower bracket finals was the occasion; ZywOo and the boys will definitely want to avenge that later today!

Please Note:
As for the map pool, both teams have been nothing but solid across their best maps. Vitality are superb on Mirage and Vertigo, and the same can be said for NaVi on Nuke and Dust 2.

However, these tight contests have more to them than pure map pool stats. Momentum plays a key role, player rotations too. That’s why we’ve checked out their previous H2H clash first… though this is going to be a LAN match, so our NaVi vs. Vitality predictions didn’t really profit from it.

NaVI Betting Preview

NaVi started this event from the group stage. That means they’ve only played one LAN match thus far. It was against Renegades in the opening round and, as you probably know, they won with 2:1 on the scoreboard.

Even though S1mple and the NaVi boys got their win, ti wasn’t a straightforward one. You see, Renegades took them by surprise on Inferno. NaVi did come back with style, losing just ten matches over the next two maps, but still – Renegades scared the CIS lads, no doubt about that.

Another flimsy start could end NaVi’s upper bracket run. We all know just how good Vitality are, especially when they get some steam rolling. Mind you, they are on a three-match winning streak, having reached the group stage through the play-in segment.

But, this is NaVi we’re talking about – surely they’ll have a plan to tackle ZywOo’s in-form team!

Vitality Betting Preview

Vitality are here to win the title! They won’t stop until they get there, and the first real obstacle on their way to the top is Natus Vincere. So far, so good – Vitality defeated Renegades, Spirit, and FURIA so far, with NaVi being the next team on their bucket list.

But, I’m sure that ZywOo and the boy are aware of the fact they’re coming into this one as the underdogs. Individual-qualities-wise, these two teams are on point. The map pool stats section confirms that.

What’s going to be the difference between these two, then?

Well, I have to say it – S1mple! 2021 has been, for the most part, the year of CIS teams… NaVi included! Despite the likes of sh1ro and ax1Le taking the scene by storm, S1mple is still referred to as the best player in the world.

I know, I know, the official title belongs to ZywOo… but he didn’t really do that much this year.

Vitality’s best campaign was semifinal runs on BLAST Premier Global Final and IEM XVI Summer. S1mple’s NaVi, on the other hand, won BLAST Premier Global Finals, DH Masters Spring, and just last week the StarLadder CIS RMR. The Ukrainian CSGO legend has been the central point in good NaVi results, which means today’s pick are going in that direction!

Wrapping Things Up

I guess it’s time to wrap this puppy up and move onto the next IEM XVI Cologne betting pick! Here goes nothing:

NaVi vs. Vitality Betting Predictions
NaVi to Win!

As stated earlier, NaVi are the favorites coming into this one. Even though Vitality will have their chances, the CIS side will be able to close this one out. We might see the match go to the extra length.

I doubt NaVi will be able to defeat Vitality within two maps… though opting for correct score 2:1 in favor of NaVi is just too risky here… not just because of the stuff we’ve mentioned so far in our NaVi vs. Vitality prediction, but because of a thing called momentum as well.

Be that as it is, we’re going with NaVi to win this match and qualify to the knockout stage. Their group stage task still won’t be done though, as they have to go up against the better of Astralis vs. Heroic tomorrow for the top seed in group B.


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