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NiP Vs Ence DreamHack

Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Hello and welcome to my in-depth NiP vs. ENCE predictions. Yep, it’s your boy Donnie back at it with another set of CS:GO betting predictions, focusing on the ongoing DreamHack Masters Spring EU. The NA event’s group stage is all wrapped up and I’ll have a couple of playoffs picks for you as well. For now, let’s focus on the European side of the deal and see which way this hectic Scandinavian matchup is going to go!

NiP vs. ENCE Predictions

Let’s start off with recent campaigns. ENCE’s ICE Challenge, DH Open Anaheim, ESL Pro League S11 Eu, and ESL One: Road to Rio EU performances were nowhere near their usual stuff. It’s understandable, though – ENCE is still suffering the repercussions of Aleksib’s departure. Things just don’t work without Aleksib; as simple as that.

The newest method of coping with that issue is the addition of another player, Jamppi. Yep, ENCE was quick to follow in Astralis’ footsteps.

Shortly after The Great Danes announced they’re forming a six-man roster, ENCE followed up with Jammpi. Even though it hasn’t been the most influential change, I reckon it’s a change for the better… Kudos to Twista or whoever came up with the idea…

Recent Head to Head Matchups

Let’s start off our Nip vs. ENCE predictions by saying a thing or two about the most recent head to head match. It happened roughly a month ago, in group A of ESL One: Road to Rio EU. It was one of the most intense matchups of the group, featuring a double-overtime on map one and another overtime on map two. The third map is where NiP finally broke through ENCE’s defenses and cruised to victory.

Twist and nawwk were the key NiP players in this win. They provided the much-needed map control on both Train and Inferno, while also fragging like crazy from start to finish. Allu was, as you’d expect, by far the best player on ENCE’s side. With 77 kills and 59 deaths across three overtime-packed maps, he almost singlehandedly pushed ENCE through…

This match perfectly depicted both teams’ qualities.

They’re dynamic but resilient, have sophisticated tactical approaches and players to back it all up with. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, there’s plenty of mismatches in terms of their map pools, meaning third maps are almost guaranteed… unless one of the teams does something crazy in the banning phase.

Wrapping Things Up

In group D, only the first-round match between NaVi and Vitality went to the third map. All other matches were finished with 2-0 on the scoreboard.

I feel like NiP vs. ENCE predictions just want me to go with my favorite bet – total maps over 2.5.

It would be a nice way to close out the group… Plus, we all know these two teams love to brawl and that they’re well-capable of securing their map picks. Map totals are pretty tricky specials in esports betting, but I need you guys to trust me here… A small to medium stake is what I advise here – fingers crossed we wrap up DreamHack Masters Spring EU group stage with a proper win!

As far as match-winner wagers go, I’d avoid them if I were you. Even though I’m kind of leaning towards NiP here, allu is an unpredictable feller and insanely difficult to play against. If he starts snowballing, the rest of ENCE will follow… and then it’s GG for NiP.

So yeah, long story short – total maps over 2.5 at +106 (10% give or take, depending on your bookie) and that should be it!

NiP vs. ENCE Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5
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