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The European Road to Rio event is in full flow. We’ve already gone through two rounds of matches and, thus far, our CS:GO predictions were pretty much on point. We’re in the green, which is all that really matters at the end of the day. With that in mind, let’s turn our attention to NiP vs. ENCE predictions with the hope that we’ll continue our good run of form!

Both teams showed off solid gameplay on the event thus far, but it’s safe to say NiP is in a much better position.

At the moment, the Swedish side is at the top of group A alongside Heretics (of all teams), while ENCE is in the third place (with Astralis and Vitality) following a surprising loss against Heretics.

With all that in mind, group A seems a lot more interesting than what most people had initially thought. There’s a handful of class A matches still to go, but let’s focus on NiP vs. ENCE predictions and then build our way from there. More precisely, let’s focus on exploring CS:GO specials since we’re most likely going to have to opt with a juicy special instead of dull match-winners.

How to Mix Things Up When Betting on CS:GO | Exploring Specials

Esports specials are coming up in the world! What started out as a shaky industry based on conventional match-winner wagers developed into a highly versatile playground for esports betting enthusiasts, effectively spoiling them beyond recognition.

We’re talking about game-specific specials here, including the typical stuff like total rounds over/under, match duration, correct score, and stuff like that. With all that in mind, here are short explanations about the most popular CS:GO special bets:

Total Rounds Over/Under

  • Pretty simple, this one – CS:GO is a round-based match with a total of up to thirty rounds. The bookies provide you with a rough number of total rounds, and you’re guessing whether the end count will be under or over the specified amount. Remember, teams need sixteen rounds for a win.

Player vs. Player Stats

  • For this bet, bookies give you two players to choose from, as well as a single stat, f.e. kills, assists, or deaths. You’re supposed to guess which player will have more of the specified statistic at the end of the match.

Team to win both Pistol Rounds

  • Even though I’m not a big fan of this one, CS:GO betting enthusiasts seem to love it. It’s based on just two rounds in the entire match – first and sixteenth round, AKA the pistol rounds. These rounds are essential for the early game economy, which is why teams always do their best to take them.

Weapon vs. Weapon Kills

  • These CS:GO specials are often available during the biggest events, such as the Major Championships. They pin two weapons, typically the two most popular rifles, and allow you to bet on which of them will secure more kills in the given match.

Now that you know about a multitude of available specials, let’s focus on the fun stuff – NiP vs. ENCE predictions! Who knows, perhaps our newfound knowledge will come in handy.

NiP vs. ENCE Predictions

As mentioned above, Ninjas in Pyjamas are currently the best team in group A. They are two from two, just like Heretics, but have better rounds’ difference. However, it has to be pointed out that both teams won against top-tier teams. ENCE defeated ZywOo’s Vitality, and ENCE defeated Brollan’s Fnatic. In both of these matches, today’s contestants showed plenty of tenacity, with their key players showing off absurd numbers.

Take allu, for example – he averaged 1.40 rating across two maps against Fnatic. On the other end, REZ and nawwk had 1.34 and 1.31 respectively – sick stats, nothing more and nothing less! While individual performances will definitely matter here, we need more than that to cement our NiP vs. ENCE predictions!

A Few Words on Form in General

The form ought to paint a better picture here. Both teams had their ups and downs in 2020, but NiP is the slight winner form-wise. The end of 2019 seemed to be the pinnacle of their performances, but 2020 hasn’t been all that bad either.

As for ENCE, they’ve been in quite the slump throughout the last few months.

At the moment, they are ranked as the 25th team in the world, which is a long way from their usual spots. Allu is still an outright God, but the rest of the team just can’t cope with the pressure of Aleksib’s absence.

Wrapping Everything Up

The last head to head match between these two teams happened roughly a month ago. ENCE and Nip faced off on the ESL Pro League S11 EU event, where ENCE, surprisingly enough, ended up as the winning team. Not that it mattered, though, seeing as that was ENCE’s only win on the event. Still, perhaps that match is an indicator of how we should approach our NiP vs. ENCE predictions!

Even though NiP is the favorite here, I reckon both teams will take a cautious approach to this one. NiP players will be fuming with confidence following two impressive wins, but they won’t take ENCE for granted. They got burned last time out, so I reckon we won’t see them make the same mistakes again.

With that in mind, a simple NiP to win the match at -200 should do the trick here.

If -200 is not enough for your standards, you can experiment with totals, perhaps even a live set of totals. If Allu starts snowballing, the decider map is almost guaranteed, making total maps over 2.5 at -110 an ideal choice. Do as you wish, just don’t blame me if you choose the wrong one…

That’s about it, guys!

Thank you all for sticking till the very end; hopefully it will be well worth your time…

Until next time,


My Pick
Ninja In Pyjamas to Win!
Total maps over 2.5
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