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Yesterday’s picks were a proper hit. If you’ve followed my advice, you must be feeling awesome right now! We went two from two, finally. They weren’t high-value bets, though, but wins are wins and we sure as heck aren’t going to stop now! Meet NiP vs. Vitality predictions – a fresh set of opportunities we have to take if we are to finish ESL One: Road to Rio EU with a positive balance.

Ninjas in Pyjamas lost against Faze Clan yesterday in what was a much closer match than I honestly thought it would be. Mirage was tightly contested from start to finish, with 25-22 being the end result. As for Vitality, ZywOo and the boys keep plugging away in the lower bracket. GODSENT was no match for them, but now they have a proper test on their hands.

With all that in mind, let’s analyze both sides and see which way our NiP vs. Vitality predictions are going to go! After all, what good are our CS:GO betting picks if we don’t have some concrete information to back them all up?!

NiP vs. Vitality Predictions

First things first – NiP played against Vitality roughly three weeks ago. It was the very first round of group stage matches on this event. Vitality kickstarted the clash with a closely contested win on Overpass (16-14), but NiP turned things around on Nuke and Inferno. ZywOo was leading the Frenchmen forward, but his teammates just didn’t budget. The French CS:GO superstar was left all on his own, and there was nothing he could do to turn things around on the third map.

Maps-wise, NiP should be stronger on Inferno, Train, Overpass, and Vertigo. I reckon Vitality can’t repeat the Overpass win like they’ve done last time out. Plus, I believe Nuke should also go in NiPs favor. Vitality’s prowess on Mirage and Dust 2 could help them get a map off NiP, but I doubt their current map pool depth will be enough to defeat NiP today.

My Pick
NiP to Win

Yessir, even the bookies believe NiP will take this one home, despite ZywOo playing for the opposing team. Let’s face it, ZywOo can’t do everything on his own. Remember the last head to head match between these two sides – ZywOo was the only Vitality player with a positive score. My man ZywOo had 73 kills while the second-best player on this team had 47. And don’t even get me started on ADR and KAST. Heck the ratings themselves speak louder than words – ZywOo was on 1.39 while the second-best teammate (Shox) was at 0.90.

If all five Vitality players show up for the occasion, then they’ll stand a chance against in-form NiP. If they rely on ZywOo to carry them like he’s been doing for the majority of the season, then I’m afraid Nip will stomp all over them.

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