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Back to business guys! We’re back for another attempt at securing a winning wager. Things haven’t been going our way these last few days. We’ve had a mishap after a mishap, and we’re now in desperate need of a win. Who knows – perhaps North vs. G2 predictions are just what we need to turn things around!

IEM XV Beijing is the occasion; the European event, to be precise. This lucrative competition is in full flow with four teams already qualified for the playoffs. Yep, Group A is all done with Faze, NaVi, Complexity, and Vitality snatching the playoffs tickets.

As for group B, North and G2 are set to battle it out for a chance to reach the playoffs.

Remember – the losing team is eliminated… and the winning team needs to win one more round to qualify. It’s not going to be easy for these two, but winning tomorrow is practically half of the job.

That said, why don’t we start things slowly and check out what sort of performance we can expect from these two! Even though we got the latest results just a few hours ago, esports betting sites are already packing a ton of odds… so let’s jump straight in!

North vs. G2 Predictions

What’s there to be said about these two teams that we haven’t said multiple times already? Well, I guess there’s not much, but we’ll have to repeat the same old stuff since you probably haven’t read all of my previous picks.

Let’s start off with recent campaigns!

Recent Campaigns

2019 was a pretty good year for North! This Scandinavian team doesn’t belong to the very top of Europe, but they’re always there, looking for a nasty scalp that’ll get their name all over HLTV headlines. 2020 hasn’t been that good, mind you. North has struggled since the very start and hasn’t won a single event thus far. The closest they got was on Eden arena: Malta Vibes in September when they lost against ForZe in the grand finals.

Believe it or not, a lot of the same things can be said about G2 too. 2019 was pretty good for them; not superb, but good. In 2020, however, they’re still without a single title just like North. To add insult to injury, they’ve been in three grand finals and failed to win on all three occasions.

However, G2 has a new star now! The French team signed the Bosnian superstar NiKo from Faze Clan in what was the biggest transfer in CSGO history. With NiKo onboard, G2 has completed a potent Balkan trio with nexa and hunter. Kennys and AmaNEk remain in the starting roster and complete a rather scary roster. More on that in the individual stats section of our North vs. G2 predictions!

Individual Stats

Yessir – NiKo is playing for G2 now. He already had a fiery debut in which he helped his new team reach the top of the BLAST Premier Fall group and qualify for the season finals. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in his best form against NiP earlier today. That loss puts G2 in an uncomfortable position; they have to defeat North and the loser of Heroic vs. NiP. Either way, NiKo will have to bring forth his A-game if he’s to lead G2 into the playoffs.

We shouldn’t take nexa and hunter for granted either. NiKo’s cousin has been fragging like crazy over the last few weeks. AmaNEk is showing signs of brilliance too, but he’ll have to get his consistency in check before he can traverse to the next level.

As for North, there’s really not a single player that’s worth emphasizing here. All five North starters have been doing their fair share of work. They’ve been nothing but exceptional in terms of teamwork, however, it seems as though their raw individual quality just isn’t enough when there’s a top-tier side on the other end.

The question is:

Can G2 present themselves as a top-tier team tomorrow? We all know what they’re capable of. We all know their potential… but that match against NiP opened up a ton of burning questions.

Which way are our North vs. G2 predictions going? Well, perhaps we’ll know more once we investigate map pool stats!

Map Pool Stats

It’s safe to say that NiKo’s arrival is going to bring a healthy boost to G2’s map pool depth. The Bosnian star is well-versed on all maps, but is typically the biggest threat on Mirage and Dust 2. In fact, these two are the only maps on which G2 is statistically better than North.

Take North’s map stats with a grain of salt, though, since they haven’t been playing against Europe’s greatest teams. They’ve played tier-B events for the most part, which is why their map pool seems a bit overinflated.

I do think they can give G2 a headache on, let’s say, Train or Vertigo… but that’s about it. I can’t see them winning anything other than that, and G2 ought to ban one of those right off the bat.

Betting Pick
G2 to Win

Yes, I know many of you won’t opt for such low odds, but I believe -286 is just about right for a matchup of this caliber. If you don’t like it, feel free to experiment with the correct score or handicap wagers. However, I honestly can’t recommend anything noteworthy as I’m not going for a riskier option here.

But, perhaps it’s the losing-streak-bias that has taken control over me. Perhaps that’s why I’m going with the lowest risk possible here?

Be that as it is, I’m afraid that’s all folks! Fingers crossed we finally get out of this losing streak!
Donnie out…

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