O Plano Project Goes Official

O Plano CSGO News

The O Plano project, which was incepted in January following failed negotiations with MIBR, has finally gone official! The five players; vsm, kNgV-, leo_drk, HEN1 and LUCAS1 now form O Plano (The Plan) starting lineup, with trk acting as a substitute. They are already participating in the ongoing cs_summit 8 open qualifier #1 and will fancy their chances of clinching the closed contest.

This move was in the making for quite a while!

With five players having contracts with four different teams (plus LUCAS1 as a free agent), their primary concern was getting out of them. It was a long process, but one that had a positive result in the end.

The group tried to get organizations to sign them. The search went on for several months; unfortunately, it failed. But, here we are – O Plano already played their debut match against CarbonX Esports, suggesting a successful campaign for the upcoming NA RMR cs_summit 8.

What Does This Mean For CSGO Betting Enthusiasts?

Well, the O Plano project could be big for people who love betting on CSGO, especially the NA and SAM scenes. A brand-new competitor featuring some of South American finest talents ought to shake it right to its very core.

This could result in hefty returns if you time your bets correctly and do proper pre-match research.

Even if you don’t, O Plano project still bears significance for CSGO, especially if they kick things off on the right foot and qualify for the upcoming cs_summit 8. Looks like their path is off to a good start, having defeated CarbonX Esports in the first round. Just minutes ago, O Plano won their second match. Party Astronauts were their opponents, and they were quick to fall down with 2:0 on the final scoreboard.

Please Note:
Considering the gameplay we’ve seen from them in these two matches, LUCAS1 and the boys seem to be cruising towards the final round with Triumph. That ought to be a fine contest; the contest that’ll decide who goes to the closed qualifiers.
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