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Roughly ten hours separate us from the start of the group stage of BLAST Spring 2021! Group A is what we’ll be checking out today; it’s the first group on the pecking order featuring Astralis vs. NiP and OG vs. BIG matchups. The latter is our prime focus here; OG vs. BIG predictions ought to possess much more value than Astralis vs. NiP, don’t you agree?

With Astralis being the heavy favorite in group A, the battle for second place (the last one leading to Spring Finals) is going to pan out between these two teams. NiP will have their say too, but it’s going to be between OG and BIG for the most part. Needless to say, this drastically pumps up the complexity of the contest and complicates our OG vs. BIG predictions.

We won’t let that faze us, though, we’re jumping straight in!

OG vs. BIG Predictions

As far as head-to-head stats go, these two teams couldn’t be any tighter! The Germans are in the leading position, but only ever so slightly! 4-2 in the last six matches, to be more precise. As far as the map count is concerned, we haven’t seen it go over in four matches. This could easily be the over match, judging by both teams’ forms as well as map pool strengths and weaknesses.

What about betting on CSGO; what about betting on this particular match? Well, as stated earlier, this one ought to have a lot more value than Astralis vs. NiP. If you’re out there hunting for value, you’ll like the options this matchup brings to the table!


Expectations-wise, both teams are coming into this tournament hoping to snatch one of the two spots leading straight to the Spring Finals. If not, they’ll have to battle their way through the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown scheduled for Mid-March.

Realistically speaking, though, BIG are the favorites not just coming into this match but qualification-wise.
Everyone expects them to snatch second place right behind Astralis, and I see nothing wrong there. The Germans might not be in the best of form, but their roster is an outright scary one. Not trying to belittle valde and the boys, but I find BIG to be a level above them.

Map Pool Stats

Mirage and Vertigo are the maps BIG Will hope to snatch here! Vertigo ought to be banned right off the bat, though, seeing as OG are always trigger happy on either Overpass or Vertigo. As for Mirage, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being the decider map. Both teams have an above 75% win rate on it, meaning they’ll both fancy their chances on it going forward.

OG has an advantage on Dust 2 and Train; the latter being BIG’s permaban. Looking at the big picture of this matchup, it’s likely that we’ll see it go to the decider map… and that’s exactly what our OG vs. BIG predictions are going to be all about!

Roster Strength and Readiness

Like I’ve already said, I fancy BIG’s roster a bit more than OG’s. That’s not to say valde and the boys are a bad team. It’s quite the contrary; the way they ended 2020 was absolutely phenomenal. But, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say BIG has much more swagger to their game. SyrsoN’s individual brilliance combined with ever-improving teamwork makes BIG a tough team to play against, that’s for sure!

There’s just one more thing we need to emphasize before wrapping things up. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m referring to OG vs. BIG picks. Here they come:

My Pick
BIG To Win 2:1

Odds are courtesy of Betway. You can check out our Betway review here. And for users in the United States check out Bovada for odds.

I just can’t see this one panning out in any other way! At +200, 2:1 in favor of BIG is the perfect mixture of risk and reward here. Of course, you can take things down a notch with a simpler bet. Perhaps a match-winner on BIG at -154 is more up your alley. The reward is lower, but the risk is not that big either. It’s worth a shot, that’s for sure!

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