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We’re back, boys! We’re back after a marvelous win in the last round. Earlier today, Vitality turned things around against BIG and won 2-1. What was our esports pick for that particular match, you ask… well, it was none other than Vitality to win 2-1.

The odds were somewhere around the +270 mark, which means we’re in the green! Today, we’re hoping for more of the same with our OG vs. BIG predictions. This is the second time these two teams are going up against each other on CS_Summit 6, and let’s just say the first match didn’t go according to plans.

Here’s what’s up:

OG vs. BIG Predictions

OG surprised BIG in the group stage. Heck, they did more than that – led by Aleksib, OG clinched one of their biggest wins yet. If the occasion was anything other than a group stage match, it would definitely be OG’s biggest win yet. What the likes of G2, Mousesports, Faze or Complexity failed to beat, OG did right off the bat.

It was a highly intense match, to say the least. As some of you already know, the third map almost went to the overtime. The end result was 16-14 for OG, but it could’ve gone either way… Even though nuances decided the winner, I’d say the deciding factor was BIG’s inability to contain mantuu. That, and the issues they had in the first half with retaking sites. Surely, they won’t make the same mistakes again… That’s something our OG vs. BIG predictions have to consider before cementing our picks.

Map Pool Info

The map pool is pretty straightforward. BIG is superior on virtually all maps except Train. As most of you know, Train is their permaban which is why they’re not practicing it nor playing on it. As for other maps, the closest maps seem to be Nuke and Inferno. Mirage is statically BIG’s strong suit, so I reckon we won’t see them lose on it again.

Long story short – BIG is the far superior side here if we’re going to base our OG vs. BIG predictions solely on map pool stats. But we won’t do that. Instead, we’ll continue digging through the most recent results and roster qualities before making our final decision!

Recent Results

All you CS:GO betting wannabes out there reading this, you can never do enough research. There’s always room for more, especially if you’re interested in high-stake bets. In that case, the best thing you can do is also the most time-consuming one, and that would be investigating the forms and recent results of both sides.

OG is coming into this match with just a single loss in their last ten matches. Compare that to BIG and two losses in thirteen matches and you’ll realize the difference is measured in nuances.

Campaigns-wise, BIG won DreamHack Masters Spring EU which puts them in the driving seat and justifies their position as the seventh-best team in the world, according to HLTV. OG is much lower (21st place), but their overall form is in an upwards trend. They did not have any notable results/campaigns, though, but that’s not that big of an issue as far as our OG vs. BIG predictions are concerned. There are far more important things that’ll shape up our final decision…

Roster Quality

This time around, I’m siding with OG as far as individual player qualities go. Last time, for the group stage match predictions, I pointed XANTARES and the Germans as slight winners in the roster department. And while I still do think highly of the current BIG roster, I have to say mantuu and valde took me by surprise. Not just in the first match against BIG but in the remainder of the competition too. They’re consistent, have excellent stats, and aren’t known to choke in crucial situations. That’s exactly what OG needs to reach the grand finals… But, is that enough to sway our OG vs. BIG predictions against the Germans?

Who to Bet on?

Short answer – it’s not enough!

As you can see in the box below, I’m going with BIG here. Please, allow me to elaborate:

Even though OG surprised BIG in the group stage match, chances of that happening again are much slimmer than most people think. Tactical quality and map pool depth is on BIG’s side, just like the overall form, both individual and collective. What could save OG here is another brilliant match by mantuu, but I reckon we’ll be seeing a completely different story than what happened last time out. I’m not going with a clean 2-0 correct score, though, just a simple match-winner.

OG vs. BIG Predictions
BIG to Win!

Once again – this is going to be yet another tightly contested matchup, just like the last head to head match between these two teams. Last time out, we made a mistake going with BIG in what was a neck and neck battle from start to finish… Here’s hoping we’re making the right choice this time around!

Thank you all for sticking till the very end…

May luck be on your side!

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