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OG Vs Complexity

Let’s focus on the winners’ round of group B! DreamHack Summer EU is the occasion, and our OG vs. Complexity predictions are here to help us extend our winning streak and get the most out of this event. After all, a much bigger one is on the horizon! ESL One Cologne starts in less than a week, bringing forth the ultimate set of European and American finest. It will be a treat to watch and bet on, that’s for sure, meaning we need to try extra hard to increase our betting bankroll before the kickoff.

For now, though, let’s discuss OG vs. Complexity predictions and see which way this match is going to go!

OG vs. Complexity Predictions

OG is a fairly new organization that jumped into the CS:GO esports scene in December last year. Thus far, though, they had little to no success. In terms of notable titles, they don’t have a single one. They’re still waiting for an event to act as a jumping board on their path to greatness. And honestly, I don’t understand why the current OG roster isn’t complicating things on the highest level of the EU CS:GO scene. They have plenty of experience in the starting roster. With players like NBK, Aleksib, and valde, they should be far stronger contestants in the region… yet they continue to underperform. Who knows, perhaps DreamHack Summer is going to be their stand out event.

As for Complexity, why are they participating in the European event in the first place? Well, I feel like I’m explaining this in every piece, but I guess doing it one more time won’t hurt anyone: Complexity is playing on the European event because more than half of their starting roster is located in the region. Poizon is from Bulgaria, while k0nfig and blameF are from Denmark. Results-wise, Complexity can be proud of their achievements. A quick reminder, Complexity won the BLAST Premier Spring Finals in late June, which is one of (if not the) biggest accomplishments ever.

But enough with the introduction, we have far more important work to do here. We haven’t even started talking about OG vs. Complexity predictions. There’s one more thing we need to do before we can start unraveling the complexity behind this contest… get it, complexity?

Jokes aside, let’s check out the most common CS:GO betting mistakes before moving onto concrete OG vs. Complexity predictions!

Most Common CS:GO Betting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When talking about esports betting, there’s a bunch of common mistakes betting enthusiasts make on the regular. The list is roughly the same for CS:GO betting, but there are a few discrepancies here and there. Here are the two most prominent ones that you should be aware of if you’re serious about your CS:GO betting habits:

Taking Map Pool Depth for Granted

Can you name the key factors that push the odds one way or the other? Yes, stuff like roster quality, form, recent results, recent accomplishments, and map pool. What’s that last thing? Map pool who?

Even in this day in age, many people still don’t know much about the importance of map pool depth. If you’re constantly betting on CS:GO matches, that’s something you need to be aware of. There are other stats too, but more often than not, map pool depth takes the crown as the most important one.

Not Visiting Liquipedia and HLTV Enough

Map pool depth is just a small part of the whole pre-match research you should be doing. If you’re serious about betting on CS:GO, then sites like Liquipedia and HLTV.org will definitely be in your bookmarks. They offer recent results, stats, news, and much more. All this info ought to help you make the right choice.

Recent Results

Like I mentioned already, OG still doesn’t have a proper campaign to boast with. They had several solid outings, but they keep losing crucial elimination matches which end up messing up their overall impressions.

As for Complexity, they had a blast in June, during the BLAST Premier Spring Finals, but their form dropped on CS_Summit 6 qualifiers. It will be interesting to see if they can build on their first-round win against Forze or will they succumb to the pressure…

Map Pool Info

Map pool bears significant importance in the grand scheme of things. They tell you a lot about a team’s approach at a certain map, point out their consistency, and emphasize the form of their key players. That’s why they’re so important for CS:GO betting enthusiasts.

As far as our OG vs. Complexity predictions are concerned, the map pool depth goes slightly in favor of the NA-based org, Complexity.

They’re far superior on Dust 2, Nuke, and Vertigo. Mirage should favor them as well; plus, even though Overpass is their permaban, I reckon they could even experiment it since OG’s Overpass performances haven’t been that good in recent months.

Individual Prowess

It’s hard to separate these two teams in terms of individual player qualities. On one end, we have the likes of NBK, Aleksib and valde; three resounding names with plenty of experience on the top EU competitive level… but they’re playing in a team that doesn’t seem to be synced up correctly. On the other end, we have a not-so-prominent bunch of EU+NA players that are working well together.

The question is – which of the two should we value more? Which of the two are we going to use to cement our OG vs. Complexity predictions? Well, recent results point towards Complexity – the map pool points (ever so slightly) in the same direction too… so I guess the only logical option here is to go with the NA-based org! In other words, here’s my pick:

OG vs. Complexity Predictions
Complexity to Win

This match is going to be a really close contest, much closer than most people think. Even though OG struggled a bit in the first group stage match, they won all crucial rounds and are deservingly playing in the winners’ round. They’ll be a tough cookie to handle, but BlameF is in too good of a form to let this one slip past him…

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