OG vs. Fnatic Betting Predictions | 2021 IEM XV Katowice Play-In Match Analysis

IEM Katowice OG Vs Fnatic

OG vs. Fnatic picks is our focus point today! Yep, OG and Fnatic are going up against each other this early in the event. It’s the biggest contest in the opening round of the play-in stage, and we need to know more about it!

Yep, IEM XV Katowice play-in stage starts tomorrow.

Roughly twelve hours from now, to be more precise. Whether you’re interested in betting on esports in general, or this match in particular, or you’re just looking to brush up on your knowledge before such a big event, this piece ought to be right up your alley!

OG vs. Fnatic Predictions

Even though Fnatic are labeled as the favorite team coming into this match, it could very easily go either way. OG is a quality team, just like Fnatic. It’s not one of those mismatches on paper if that’s what you thought at the first glance.

Why is Fnatic the favorite team? Well, it’s a combination of roster quality, form, and map pool depth. Basically, a combination of all the sections we’re going to cover in our OG vs. Fnatic predictions!


Form-wise, both OG and Fnatic can brag with a solid start to 2021. Fnatic had a great CS_summit 7 campaign where they finished second after losing to VP in the grand finals. OG won SteelSeries Invitational Earlier this month. It was a small, four-team event, but a win is a win and it has to be pointed out here.

Please Note:
Overall, though, I’d say Fnatic is in better shape coming into this one.

They’ve also won the last head-to-head match in late January, even though OG is leading in the total h2h count.

Map Pool Stats

Map pool stats always tell us a lot about a matchup. They reveal hidden complexities, allow us to think outside the box and come up with crazy prop scenarios. However, most of that only works for bo3 and bo5 matchups. The opening round of the play-in stage features bo1 matches, meaning OG and Fnatic will only play one single map.

Which map will it be?

Well, the possibilities are endless since neither of the two teams has a concrete map advantage over the other one. Fnatic will probably fancy something like inferno or Train; OG will want to see Dust 2 or Mirage. We’re probably going to see them square off on a “no man’s land” map… As far as this section’s winner goes, I have to give Fnatic the benefit of the doubt here. But, that doesn’t automatically mean our OG vs. Fnatic picks will go in the direction of the Swedes.

Individual Aspects

I’d go with Fnatic here… if it wasn’t for the fact Jackinho is a brand-new player in the team and he’ll definitely need more time to adjust. We’ve seen him go through a solid debut on CS_Summit 7 but the question is, can he keep it up?

OG seems like a well-oiled machine. They rarely make big mistakes.

Even when they do, their star players are usually there to fix things. Form-wise, the 25-year-old Danish fragger valde has been the hottest member of OG for quite a while. Mantu and ISSAA are right behind him, with Aleksib and NBK scraping the bottom of the stats table.

OG vs. Fnatic Betting Predictions
Rounds Over 26.5

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Some factors point towards Fnatic; some point towards OG. The same goes for their h2h matchups too. It seems the only difference between these two is momentum and nothing else. This type of match is always difficult to predict; it’s 50-50, it really is!

That said, I’m not even going to try.

We’re not aiming for a match-winner here, we’re aiming for rounds over 26.5 at -125. Let’s just hope both teams rise up to the challenge tomorrow. If they do, we should be all good!

Wrapping Things Up

That’d be all for today, folks! The first day of IEM XV Katowice brings forth quite a few great matchups, OG vs. Fnatic being the best among the bunch. I hope it exceeds our expectations… and I hope our OG vs. Fnatic picks turn out to be successful.

With those words, it’s time to wrap it all up.

Until next time…

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