OG vs. FPX Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 13 Match Analysis

ESL Pro League OG Vs FPX

Group A of ESL Pro League Season 13 is approaching its final stage. Just four teams remain in the contest; FPX, OG, Heroic, and Complexity. The latter two are in a direct fight for the play-in stage.

The winner takes it all.

FPX and OG, on the other hand, are in a direct fight for the playoffs. The loser gets eliminated. Well, well, well, looks like our OG vs. FPX picks are based on a high-stakes contest!

OG vs. FPX Predictions

This is the first head-to-head match between the new FPX and OG. It will be a true test for both sides in a match that bears utmost importance. Remember, ESL Pro League S13 playoff isn’t just a prestigious stage, there’s also a ton of money involved. Both teams are coming into this one with nothing but a winning mentality, meaning proper action is guaranteed!


Both teams have won two and lost two; both dropped points against the top-two – Heroic and Complexity.

Let’s do some comparisons, shall we!?

OG players have put up a much better fight against Heroic. FPX struggled in the third-round fixture against the Danes, failing to win a single map. The same can be said about their match against Complexity too. Don’t get me wrong, niko and the boys didn’t win a map against Complexity either, but they were inches away, suffering a heartbreaking overtime loss on Inferno.

Long story short:
Two wins and two losses on both ends. I have to call it a tie here, despite OG putting up better fights against Heroic and Complexity.

Map Pool Stats

Map pool stats are neck and neck, though if I have to choose a winner, it’d be FPX. It’s not so much because of the stats (because they often don’t tell the full story), but because of the way this roster has been set up. They have a strong international lineup, featuring players that are more focused on game sense and tactics rather than individual solutions. OG haven’t had that much experience against them, but that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily fail tomorrow.

Individual Aspects

Which of these two has the superior set of players? Well, I have to side with OG here… and it’s only because of niko’s marvelous performances. We’ve seen them play against Heroic without niko earlier today.

It just wasn’t the same OG.

Sure, they were dangerous at times and managed to snatch a map… but niko’s presence might’ve granted the team that extra bit of force to push through the Danish heavy machinery. If the form and map pool stats are tied, but the roster superiority favors one side of the equation, I reckon our OG vs. FPX picks are ready to be unveiled:

OG vs. FPX Betting Predictions
OG to Win!

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This time around, we won’t be complicating stuff. Remember, I’ve gone with Heroic to win 2:1 against Renegades and there was a freakin overtime that went in favor of Heroic… I’m expecting a tight contest here, knowing FPX’s map pool depth, they won’t back down and let niko and the OG boys run the show.

As for our CSGO betting endeavors, it’s best to keep a low profile for the time being, focus on bets with higher implied probability, and hope to get back to level terms. Once we accomplish all that, we’ll go for an aggressive attack; hopefully before the end of ESL Pro League Season 13.

With those words, I’d like to wrap our OG vs. FPX Predictions up!

It’s been a pleasure guiding you through the key areas of this contest. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Until next time,

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