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We’re nearing the end of our CS_Summit 6 gambling adventure, but I’m happy to inform you there’s no lack of proper matches in both European and American events. Today, though, we’ll be focusing on the old continent. More precisely, on the lower bracket round two featuring OG and GODSENT. Two all-capital-letter teams that have sky-high aspirations and want to make a redemption to their fans. As you’d come to expect by now, our OG vs. GODSENT predictions are right here, and they aim to give you a proper picture on this match and help you get a few winning CS:GO bets in!

OG vs. GODSENT Predictions

There’s even something that resembles a rivalry, which ought to further spice things up and perhaps affect our OG vs. GODSENT predictions too.

As far as head to head matches go, OG is a brand-new team on the CS:GO scene, so it’s not that surprising to see only a single h2h match. It dates back to early March this year, during the Europe Minor Closed Qualifier. As you can see in the Tweet above, GODSENT won the match and eliminated OG, which further spice up our OG vs. GODSENT predictions.

Map Pool Info

One way of figuring this contest out is by taking a closer look at the map pool stats of both teams. Objectively, GODSENT has slightly better stats on Nuke, Train, and Overpass. However, OG is much better on Mirage, and Inferno, with Dust 2 being a solid pick on their end too. It will be interesting to see how GODSENT approaches the banning phase; whether they’ll pursue to secure Overpass or will they try to outban OG and settle with seemingly 50%/50% maps… Either way, I reckon we’ll see the decider map here. Hint, that’s what our OG vs. GODSENT predictions ought to be once we wrap everything up.

Individual Player Qualities

When talking about the best fraggers on both ends, Farlig and mantuu are the players that stand out the most. Farlig is GODSENT’s newest addition that came from CPHF. He’s been a proper force to be reckoned with there, and has successfully transitioned his form to GODSENT. He’s been nothing but clinical since he started playing for his new team, and his teammates are doing quite well too…

As for Mantuu, he’s finally showing his true potential. However, I have to point out Aleksib and NBK – they need to do better seeing as they’re among the biggest and most experienced players on OG’s roster. If they were in better form, I’d definitely go with OG here. However, they’re not, meaning my OG vs. GODSENT predictions have to go in a different manner.

Wrapping Things Up

I guess everything that needed to be said has been said by now. Our OG vs. GODSENT predictions are all done, it’s only a matter of wrapping everything up and calling it complete. Here goes nothing:

OG vs. GODSENT Predictions
Total Maps Over

I just had to do it – even though I haven’t guessed a ton of decider maps in the last few weeks, I reckon GODSENT and OG will have a thrilling one tomorrow. Plus, I’m much more confident in total maps over 2.5 than a match-winner on either of the two sides. The map pool couldn’t be tighter, and both sides have been on roughly the same level of play in recent weeks. It should be a good match; we should see the decider map do its part!

Where to Bet on CS:GO Matches?

The last thing we need to cover in our OG vs. GODSENT predictions are the bookies. The best esports bookies, to be more precise. I know for a fact finding a good bookie can be a difficult task. Even more so if you have no one to ask some of the basic questions. If you’re all on your own, give ouresports betting platforms guide a chance. It’s relatively short but provides not just the best brands in the industry but a whole bunch of supporting information that ought to guide and solve all your teething issues.

With that said, I’d like to call it a day…


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