OG vs. GODSENT Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Picks

OG Vs Godsent ESL Pro League

ESL Pro League Season 12 has been packed with action ever since the first round of group stage matches. And I’m not just talking about the European Pro League event, which is the primary focus here, but the North American installment too.

In Europe, we’ve seen Faze Clan struggle to win a single match; we’ve seen Vitality and NiP struggling with consistency, and ENCE and Complexity closing out matches in perfect fashion.

As the title suggests, today we’re bringing forth another set of esports picks. OG vs. GODSENT predictions is our primary subject, but additional weekend picks are to come in the next 24 hours. We’re looking at Group A of the European competition, two middle of the pack teams that are coming into this match with identical scores – 1W:2L.

One of them will join AGO at the bottom of the table following the end of this match. Which team will come out of this match with a win to their tally? Well, that’s what we’ll try to figure out with our OG vs. GODSENT predictions!

But first, let’s see what are the best places for you to start off your ESL Pro League S12 betting journey!

Where to Bet on ESL Pro League S12 | Best CSGO Betting Sites

The best places to bet on CSGO matches can be found on our CSGO betting platforms guide. Honestly, the bookies listed in that piece are the only ones you should be checking out. Sure, there are a few good specimens that haven’t made it onto the list, but you still have a lot to choose from. Even if you’re the pickiest CSGO betting enthusiast out there, you’re bound to find your perfect match!

What makes our favorites the best CSGO bookies out of the bunch? Well, it’s difficult to answer that question in one or two sentences. It requires a much deeper approach if you are to properly understand anything, which is why we’ll talk about it some other time. For more info, though, please refer to the above-linked guide.

OG vs. GODSENT Predictions

As stated in the intro, both teams are coming into this match with one win and two losses. At the middle point of the group stage, it’s safe to say these two are battling to stay in the competition, at least theoretically, for a few more days.

Right off the bat, we can say that OG is the stronger side.

Heck, most bookies have them deep in the minus, probably because of the sheer discrepancies in terms of individual player qualities. No worries, that’s something we’ll address before cementing our OG vs. GODSENT picks!


Form-wise, both teams had started their ESL Pro League S12 journey with two wins before finally winning a match in the third round. GODSENT lost to S1mple’s NaVi in the opening round. ZehN and the boys were just three rounds short of snatching Nuke, but got stomped 16:2 on Dust 2.

G2 also defeated them, but had much more problems doing so.

However, GODSENT made a surprising 180 turn by beating the group leaders, ENCE. Could that match affect our OG vs. GODSENT predictions? Well, see…

OG lost against G2 and OG, but were close to winning in both occasions. More so against G2 than against BIG, to be more precise. The third round was the charm for OG – they defeated AGO with a pretty dominant display throughout the contest.

Valde was an absolute beast in OG’s third-round triumph against AGO. Can he bring forth his A-game against GODSENT too? Well, we just have to wait 9ish hours and we’ll find out!

Map Pool Stats

Mirage and Inferno are the only maps OG will be confident on. Everything else is either in favor of GODSENT or neck and neck. The latter best describes their stats on Dust 2 and Nuke. Here’s a quick look at the map pool – you’ll notice GODSENT’s slight superiority right away, for sure:

OG Vs Godsent Map Pool

Map pool stats are courtesy of HLTV.org<

What I value more than map pool stats is the overall appearance of GODSENT! With both teams coming in with 1W/2L, GODSENT looked much better and managed to defeat the group leaders whereas OG defeated the last-place team. That’s something to think about before you invest your hard-earned money on this match!

Individual Qualities

Mantuu and valde are more threatening than zehN, and that’s a fact! Plus, OG’s roster depth goes far deeper than GODSENT’s. Even if Mantuu and valde end up having a bad day tomorrow, the likes of Aleksib, ISSAA, and NBK will be there to support them. Mind you, we’re not jus talking about sheer mechanical skills here, we’re talking about experience too.

GODSENT has a stellar set of players. Their current roster, the one without Maikelele, is looking pretty decent. They’re yet to show their teeth in top-tier events, though, and I believe we’ll see more of the same cometh tomorrow’s match! OG’s individual qualities should help them out, but inferior map pool could cost them the big W.

OG vs. GODSENT Betting Predictions

Let’s not overcomplicate matches that are pretty straightforward. I mean, don’t get me wrong, OG is not a massive favorite by any means… From the looks of things, their overall in-game presence combined with player qualities are enough to put them in front, for most bookies.

I wouldn’t go all-in on this one, though, GODSENT players know how to play when they’re labeled as the underdogs… but they’ll be going up against in-form Valde who’s always a real threat.

Still, a superior map pool and solid performances in the first two matches (despite losing both) swing the odds in favor of GODSENT. It’s risky, I know, but a medium stake on GODSENT to win at +110 seems pretty good as far as the value department goes.

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