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OG Vs Spirit Dreamhack

What we’re looking at here is the second match of group B. OG and Spirit will face off against each other for a place in the winners’ match. That’s right fellas – your DreamHack Summer 2020 betting adventure is ready to kick off this weekend.

Will you be able to snatch a sizeable profit right off the bat?

Well, that all depends on whether or not you follow our OG vs. Spirit predictions. Heck, not just this piece but our esports picks section in general.

It’s going to be a tough contest, seeing as both teams haven’t been playing well in 2020 thus far. Sure, they had their ups and downs throughout the year, but they’re yet to reach that next level they so desperately crave for.

OG vs. Spirit Predictions

The most recent head to head match (dating back to April) saw Spirit emerge victorious on Inferno and Nuke. The latter went to overtime and was anyone’s match up until the very end. That match indicates that these two sides are much closer than what meets the eye at first glance. That said, we’ll have to dig far and wide to find valuable info for our OG vs. Spirit predictions.

Should You Invest in Esports Specials for This One?

Even though esports specials are typically an excellent choice for CS:GO group stage contests, I’d advise you against going with a special for this particular match. OG vs. Spirit predictions are made for a standard match-winner bet that’ll definitely soothe your thirst for a proper return. It’s not gigantic, but it’s still offering far better value than any riskier special you can come up with.

Plus, I reckon you won’t even be able to find that many specials for this one. That’s because we’re talking about the first post-break event. That coupled with the fact that it’s an online event makes bookies extra careful with their risk assessment.

Recent Results

With all that out of our way, let’s concentrate on the task at hand – OG vs. Spirit predictions. We’re starting off with the most recent results and it’s safe to say both teams haven’t been all that impressive. OG stumbled against BIG, but won against Heroic GODSENT and North. They did have another loss against Vitality, and that’s about it as far as the last five matches are concerned.

Team Spirit also has a 3-2 w/l ratio in the last five matches. However, it’s safe to say their opponents weren’t anywhere near the aforementioned bunch. Nemiga, Virtus.pro, Espada, and Natus Vincere. They lost against Virtus. Pro and NaVi, but were pretty impressive against Nemiga, Espada, and Virtus.pro (on WePlay! Clutch Island).

Map Pool Info

Generally speaking, I like this OG team. They might not have the most resounding players out there, but they do have a strong core that, with proper guidance from their coaching staff, could reach much greater heights. The first area they’d have to work on is their map pool. They just can’t perform properly on anything other than Nuke and Inferno. Sure, they’re good on Train too, but pretty all other maps are below 50%.

OG Vs Spirit Percentages

Spirit is, on the other hand, a totally different story. Mir and the boys are enjoying their stuff, featuring just one map (in addition to their permaban, Vertigo) that’s barely under 50%. Train, overpass and Inferno are their strongest maps, meaning OG won’t have an easy task this weekend! So yeah, as far as map pool section of our OG vs. Spirit picks is concerned, the Russian side takes this one without breaking a sweat.

Individual Prowess

Things get tricky when we start talking about individual player qualities. On one end, we have OG’s “new” roster that packs an impressive punch. NBK, Aleksib, valde, ISAA and mantuu – that’s plenty of raw talent and experience… Unfortunately, they haven’t clicked just yet. They’re improving, steadily, but thus far they haven’t won anything worth mentioning.

Team Spirit’s roster is, arguably, inferior in terms of raw talent and experience. But they’re known for playing well off each other and offer excellent tactical approaches. Their positions don’t overlap, they’ve been playing together for more than a year (at least a part of the roster), and are confident in each other’s abilities.

OG vs. Spirit Predictions
OG to Win

When it comes to CS:GO bookies, things are as neck and neck as they come. In most places, Team Spirit is the slight favorite. However, some esports bookmakers label OG as the most likely winner. It’s a double-edged sword, this one… The best advice we can give, apart from our concrete OG vs. Spirit predictions, is to compare the odds on several bookies before placing a wager. The odds vary greatly across the board, which was to be expected since we’re talking about the first post-break online event.

As far as our OG vs. Spirit predictions are concerned, even though the map pool and recent head to head matches go in favor of Team Spirit, I’m going with OG here.

Why, though?

Well, it’s about time we see NBK and the boys show up for the occasion. OG has a serious roster that should contest at the top of the European stage, they need to step their game up during DreamHack Open Summer 2020. In fact, if they cruise to a win against Team Spirit in the first round, I wouldn’t be surprised to finally see them go all the way!

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