Rogue vs. MAD Lions Betting Predictions | 2021 LEC Spring Split Match Analysis

The seventh week of the 2021 LEC Spring Split is packed with exciting match-ups, and chief among them, is Rogue vs. MAD Lions. As far as predictions go, this is a pretty hard one to make. On paper, Rogue definitely has the edge, but the gap between these two top-tier challengers isn’t as large as you might think.

MAD Lions have all the right tools to compete with Rogue on even footing. Their biggest problem, however, is their lack of consistency. They’re not exactly as volatile as some of their peers, but at the highest levels of play, even the smallest fluctuation can easily cost you the game. Simply put, the margin for error shrinks considerably. Rogue might not be as good as G2 Esports, but they’re every inch a top-tier team and can punish with ease.

Heck, their 11W-2L record tells the same tale. The sheer fact that they’re tied with G2 tells you all you need to know when it comes to their talent and long-term potential. And, better yet, they haven’t even peaked as a team — if they’re this good this early on in the split, then there’s no telling how high they’ll be able to soar once all is said and done.

So, in short, this is pretty much an absolute must-watch, regardless of your allegiance!

Rogue vs. MAD Lions Predictions

By and large, this is a clash between the next breed of LEC talent. This fact alone gives it a kind of allure that’s hard to ignore. Both Rogue and MAD want to leave a mark in the grand scheme of things, and they know they’re well-equipped for the monumental task at hand. By “leaving a mark” we don’t mean just reaching the playoffs or having an impressive win/loss tally.

Instead, they want to win it all.

And they probably would’ve already achieved such a thing if G2 Esports and Fnatic didn’t exist. The current and former “Kings of Europe” have a stronghold over the region and, by the looks of it, they don’t plan on letting go any time soon (if ever). They’re just too darn good at the game and with some of the best and most talented Western players of all time underneath their banners, they’re set to dominate for the years to come.

Still, Rogue and MAD Lions have already found a ton of success over the last year and a half and, by the looks of it, their best days are yet to come.

This is an exciting time for LEC fans and those who are in love with competitive League — we’re witnessing the region evolve in a wholly positive direction. And Rogue and MAD are spearheading the “revolution.”

For the longest time, the LEC was as top-heavy a region as they came. But with these two youthful challengers, that began to change. At first, this shift wasn’t all that perceptible, but over time, it grew in size and now, after multiple exceptional splits in a row, the writing is on the wall. G2 Esports’ throne is still safe, but Fnatic can no longer rest on their laurels — both Rogue and MAD want their spot and they’re going to do whatever it takes to overtake the boys in black and orange.

They’re also playing a slightly more updated “brand” of League of Legends. They have a different take on the game, and it’s allowing them to surprise their more seasoned colleagues on a fairly regular basis. Nothing beats the vigor and stamina that youth brings to the table. More often than not, however, these nascent teams fumble and fail because they still lack the experience necessary to compete at the highest of levels, but they’ll get there in due time. They’re maturing into actual bona fide contenders before our very eyes, and it’s an exciting thing, to say the least.

Nuances That Matter

Rogue, however, have found success a bit more often throughout the last couple of weeks, and they’re noticeably more consistent too. While the gap in performance isn’t all that big, it’s important to note that even the smallest of nuances can often make a world of difference.

Please Note:
Rogue have already beaten MAD Lions back in week four of the regular season and it wasn’t all that competitive of an affair.

Both teams went for their comfort picks, but it was Rogue who were able to dictate the pace of the game and impose their own playstyle from the very get-go. Heck, it wasn’t even close. They had control of the game from the very beginning and they never let go. And while MAD Lions have certainly learned from their defeat, they’re just not as consistent or dangerous as their opponents in this case.

It took Rogue less than thirty minutes to emerge victorious. It wasn’t exactly a blowout, but it wasn’t far off either.

Things will surely be a lot more competitive this time around, but the outcome probably won’t change. Rogue have done more than enough to warrant our benefit of the doubt, and they’ve only gotten better and better as time went on. They’re not perfect, mind you, but they don’t need to be to take MAD Lions down (yet again).

MAD Lions want revenge and will surely fight their hearts out, but they’re just not ready to actually crack Top 2 and challenge for the LEC throne. Still, they’re not far off either, so credit where credit is due. It’s not like they’re a negligible challenger or a someone who can be taken lightly — they have the tools to beat Rogue, but they still haven’t learned how to best use them.

That’s why we’re going with the boys in blue this time around.

They probably won’t blow MAD Lions out of the water, but they’re better across the board and should, by all means, be able to get the win. Still, things will almost certainly be a lot more competitive this time around so if you’re after the absolute safest bet (if such a thing even exists), you might be wise to skip this one!

Match Winner
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