Rogue vs. MAD Lions Predictions | 2021 LEC Spring Split Playoffs

Finally, to close out the first week of the 2021 LEC Spring Split playoffs, we have an absolute treat: Rogue vs. MAD Lions! This, for all intents and purposes, is quite literally the best and most exciting match-up of the week.

It’s also a fight between some of the most talented young prospects Europe ever fostered, so if you’ve got the time, make sure to tune in!

The reason why this particular Best of 5 will deliver is simple: We’re talking about ten extremely talented players who are hungry for the spotlight and have the ability and dedication which are necessary to compete at the highest of levels. Back when these two teams first broke onto the scene (two different moments in history but still fairly close to one another), they took very little time to sweep up off our feet.

They were young, brash, creative, and thrived off of bravado — a perfect mix of virtues for burgeoning challengers.

They fought incredibly well and brought so much originality to the table that no one was left indifferent. Still, they lost to both G2 Esports and Fnatic which meant their hype and momentum eventually came to an end.

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For most teams, being on the receiving end of a beatdown often demotivates them so much they rarely manage to bounce back. Rogue and MAD Lions, on the other hand, weren’t phased much — if at all. It was a promising sign but it didn’t have to mean much in the grand scheme of things.

After all, it takes a whole lot more to succeed than a bit of potential and an impressive skill ceiling — these things matter very little if they’re not harnessed the right way. Fortunately, both Rogue and MAD had the right coaching staff which meant they were given the right guidance and enough room to grow and maneuver.

Fast forward to 2021 and they’re actual, bona fide challengers.

That’s the amazing part, and we saw it all from start to finish. We saw them succeed and fail in equal measure, but they’ve been succeeding a whole lot more recently — a true testament to their resilience and mental fortitude.

Right now, as things stand, they’re the second- and third-best teams in Europe, and that’s really saying something given whom they had for opposition.

Do they have what it takes to upset the long-established status quo?

Well, we’re leaning towards a fairly confident “no” but they care very little for what anyone thinks of them and their overall chances of finding success; this is precisely why they’re worth your undivided attention. Well, that and a boatload of talent and panache!

Rogue vs. MAD Lions Predictions

Predicting the outcome of this one Best of 5 is by no means an easy task. Both teams are stacked from top to bottom and have more than enough talent to compete at the highest of levels. Still, Rogue have accomplished a bit more and they’ve done it a lot more confidently and with more dominant results.

They didn’t meander or fumble as often as MAD Lions did — that’s where their veteran presence came in handy. Still, even though they have a perfect head-to-head record against MAD, they’d be wise not to underestimate their opponents. The boys in white and gold are supremely creative and they’re also incredibly aggressive — almost to a fault. They’ll throw caution out the window and go for plays no one else (with G2 perhaps being the sole exception) would ever even think of. They also have a penchant for theatrics which means entertainment (and fireworks) are rarely absent whenever they step foot on stage to compete.

Rogue are better — that’s just a fact, but by how much still remains to be seen. Still, they’ve done more than enough to warrant our benefit of the doubt, so we’ll side with them on this one. That said, expect an incredibly close (and even) Best of 5 — one that will almost certainly deliver in all the right ways!

Rogue vs. MAD Lions Predictions

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