Season 1 Flashpoint Playoffs Picks | CS:GO Predictions

Season 1 Flashpoint Playoffs Picks | CS:GO Predictions

It’s official – the regular season of the first-ever Flashpoint league has come to a close. No worries, we’re proud to present our Flashpoint playoffs predictions that aim to shed light onto the upcoming upper bracket quarterfinals.

We now know all eight teams that will be participating in the playoffs. A few upsets came within the last whiskers of the stage, but overall, it was nothing but a smooth sail from start to finish. All in all, esports betting enthusiasts ought to be satisfied with how the event is holding up.

The Flashpoint vs. ESL Pro League Twitter war is still going strong, even though everyone knows ESL is the winner. Fortunately, betting-wise, betting on Flashpoint was quite popular even with ESL Pro League matches playing on the same day.

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This proves that there’s room for two major CS:GO leagues simultaneously, at least in terms of the esports betting scene.

As far as our Flashpoint playoffs predictions go, I’m confident that we’re going to do a lot better than what we did during group stage matches. We were dangerously close to the red zone, but our adventure should go a lot smoother from now on. How come? Well, there are solid discrepancies between some of these sides, most of which are enough to sway the odds one way or the other.

But we won’t dive into Flashpoint playoffs betting picks just yet! There is still some stuff we need to go through before that, like checking out the best CS:GO betting sites and the best ways of starting your first esports betting campaign.

So, without further ado, let’s roll!

Where to Bet on the Flashpoint Playoffs? | Top CS:GO Betting Sites

Don’t you worry guys, betting on CS:GO is available on plenty of places these days. Modern online bookmakers have recognized the growing demand for esports betting in a timely fashion. They’ve adapted to gamers (AKA esports enthusiasts) and enrolled a bunch of esports coverage into their markets. Heck, most of them sport either dedicated esports hubs or separate categories for each notable game.

The industry is evolving, and if you want to always enjoy the benefits of a good esports bookmaker, our esports betting sites guide should be a frequent stop on your journeys. Not only does it feature the best CS:GO betting sites but a bunch of betting platforms well-versed in other esports too. Plus, it rounds things off with an informative betting guide that ought to help you out on your quest to find the ultimate CS:GO betting website.

How to Start Betting on CS:GO

If you’re just starting out, this will be among the first questions that pop to your head. Luckily, the answer isn’t as complicated as you may think at first. Betting on CS:GO is not complicated at all. Online betting rules are simple, and there are plenty of guides that can help you out. We’ve already linked one earlier so feel free to scroll up and check it out.

If you’re feeling confident about your betting abilities and the only thing you lack is a proper bookie, then checking out our favorite CS:GO bookmakers might be a good idea. You’ll learn a thing or two about the characteristics that make them the best betting platforms out there, which ought to come in handy in the long run.

Flashpoint Playoffs Predictions

This is it, fellas! This is where we earn our money! Let’s turn our attention towards the backgrounds, forms, and storylines of these eight teams as they approach the upper bracket quarterfinals in our quest to get the best possible returns!

MAD Lions vs. FunPlus Phoenix Picks

We’re starting off with the first match scheduled to kick off on Thursday, 10 a.m. PDT. MAD Lions are going up against FunPlus Phoenix. One of the early favorites going up against the team that went through a complete roster change in the middle of the regular season after Es3tag signed for Astralis. Yep, things aren’t looking good for FunPlux Phoenix right off the bat.

But, I have to give credit where credit is due, and this FPX roster deserves it, kind of. You see, they qualified for the playoffs by winning the second place in the second phase, after beating Chaos and C0ntact. The second win is what pushed them through as C0ntact was their direct competitor. And that was a huge upset in my books. An upset that showed FPX is actually a solid team on Nuke…

But it didn’t mean anything against MAD Lions in the grand finals of group C, did it? RoeJ and the boys dismantled mitch and the sad bears (get it?) on Dust 2 and Nuke. Honestly, after watching that match for the second time and comparing both individual and collective performances, I can’t see FPX taking this one away from MAD Lions.

The bookies think so too. MAD Lions to win is at -400, which isn’t exactly the greatest value. Luckily, MAD Lions to win 2-0 is available too. At the moment, it’s on -125, posing as the best deal you can get with this match. Great value considering the latest head to head match and the overall state of FPX’s map pool…

Flashpoint Playoffs Predictions

Gen.G vs. Cloud9 Picks

Next up on our Flashpoint playoffs predictions bucket list, we have Gen.G going up against Cloud9. I honestly didn’t think Cloud9 will make it this far, but here they are, against all odds. This new roster isn’t my cup of tea, honestly. I loved Cloud9 back in their glory days (call me a trophy hunter, I dare you), and these new roster alterations just seem like they’re using duct tape to fix a much bigger issue.

But, that’s a story for some other time. For now, let’s focus on C9’s upcoming upper bracket quarterfinals match against Gen.G. For starters, you should know that Flashpoint features double-elimination playoffs meaning teams that lose the initial matches aren’t eliminated. Instead, they are relegated to the lower bracket, with no more room for mistakes. Will any of these two sides be affected by this?

I think not – both sets of players will come into this match as if they were in a single-elimination bracket, knowing the lower bracket path will be dark and full of terrors. That said, we can expect a proper thriller here…

C9 on one end, led by in-form floppy, and Gen.G on the other, fuming with collective confidence. Koosta has been a proper beast lately, and I’m convinced his performance will pull the match in Gen.G’s favor. BnTeT is slowly waking up, too, and he could pose as a background threat too.

Depending on the ban phase, this one could go all the way to the deciding map. Either way, Gen.G’s discipline, superior map pool depth, and individual qualities ought to prevail. We shouldn’t write C9 off just yet. Even if they do lose against Gen.G, they definitely have the quality to beat FPX. As long as FPX ends up in the lower bracket and not MAD Lions, that is…

Flashpoint Playoffs Predictions

HAVU vs. Chaos Picks

HAVU vs. Chaos is the next matchup we’re going to be dissecting here. Both teams will be eyeing their opportunity to advance to the second upper bracket round without having to struggle through the lower end of the bracket. However, only one will make the cut… Which one will it be?

Judging by the individual prowess, HAVU is a much better side. Not only were they the far superior team in the regular season but they also seem to be better off in regards to map pool, form, and individual player qualities.

That’s not to say Chaos will be absolute trash in this matchup. Even tough smooya is no longer part of the team, and he was arguably their best individual performer, Chaos could still make a surprising upset here. It’s highly unlikely, but you know how they say for CS:GO Bo3s – everything is possible.

HAVU isn’t exactly a household name in the CS:GO sphere, but they’ve been near the top 20 for quite a while now. With SLowi and doto in great forms, perhaps Flashpoint can be the long-awaited breakthrough for this promising Finnish side. In all honesty, if HAVU goes a long way here, they might snowball even further and become the next ENCE.

As far as Flashpoint playoffs predictions go, they’re going to be pretty straightforward for this particular match. The odds on HAVU to win are -286, and that’s what I’ll have my money on. Not as a single mind you. It will be a part of my Flashpoint x ESL PL accumulator for this week. I was thinking of going HAVU to win 2-0 which offers a significantly higher return, but the risk is too high to justify the investment.

Flashpoint Playoffs Predictions

Orgless vs. MIBR Picks

The last of our Flashpoint betting predictions reflect on the final upper bracket quarterfinals match between Orgless and MIBR. The well-known Brazilian side is pretty much at an all-time low and needs a proper result on Flashpoint to get some of their dignity back. However, Orgless won’t be an easy task, especially knowing how Infinite ad Subroza performed in the regular season.

On the other end, MIBR are still trying to find their pace. Even though they had a surprisingly good campaign during the regular season, their rollercoasters of performances can never be predicted in a timely fashion. Fer and FalleN are still the driving forces of this MIBR side, and they ought to be the deciding factors in this matchup. This highly intensive matchup, mind you.

Yep, this match is going to be much more intense than most people think. Even though the odds are heavily in favor of MIBR (at the moment, MIBR to win is at -290), I feel like there are far better options than a simple match-winner wager.

For instance, I believe I’ve found great value in the good old correct score and winner wager. MIBR to win 2-1 is currently sitting at +130, which is equally good for both singles and accumulators. That’s what I’ll be going with this one – a small to medium stake and fingers crossed fer and FalleN do their magic in the decider map.

Flashpoint Playoffs Predictions

Flashpoint Season 1 Betting on Outright Winner

Last but not least, let’s check out the outright winner betting odds in their current state and see if we can grab additional Flashpoint playoffs predictions! It’s not an easy task, that’s for sure, especially considering what a rollercoaster of upsets we got in the group stage.

That said, two names do stand out – MAD Lions and MIBR. Arguably, they were among the heaviest favorites coming into this event, so it’s not surprising to see them top the group stage two times, finishing off with 150 points each.

The brackets have been set up perfectly for these two teams; allowing them to meet in the upper bracket finals, if everything goes according to their plans. If it doesn’t, we might see them relegated to the lower bracket where they could potentially snowball before the grand finals.

But, which of the two sides will I have my money on for the outright winner bets? Well, I honestly can’t tell. Both teams are looking fine and we’ll definitely be in for a thrilling contest if these two sides end up as the grand finalists.

Keep in mind, though, you have to be fast if you want to get your outrights in. Only a few bookmakers have them available at the time of writing, but that could change any moment now…

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