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The American DreamHack Masters Spring event is nearing its business end! We already know one of the teams that will be fighting for the title (FURIA), with five additional contestants ready to take them on. Today’s pair, Team Liquid and Gen.G have to string together three consecutive wins for a place in the grand finals. One loss and it’s all over – they’re out of the competition. As for our Team Liquid vs. Gen.G predictions, we’ll do everything like we normally do – through in-depth analyses of key factors regarding both teams, their stats, map pools, and individual performances over the last few months or so.

But first, let’s take a quick look at the most common CS:GO betting mistakes and how to avoid them:

Most Common Mistakes People Make When Placing CS:GO Bets

Betting All the Time

First things first – don’t bet all the time! Take plenty of time in between your wagers and don’t bet every day all day unless you’re on a massive winning streak and the current event is still going strong. Momentum is a marvelous thing, but it can be a double-edged sword too. As soon as you start losing tickets, it’s best to call it a day and test your luck some other time.

Betting Too Much

No matter how many esports betting sites you use, betting too much money is never a good idea. Betting too much will drag you into the deep waters of debt, and that’s something you don’t want to mess around with. As mentioned above, it’s best to take pauses between your wagers. Remember, don’t pursue high-stake bets right off the bat, and keep timing your campaigns so you don’t feel that nasty bettor’s burnout sensation.

Expecting Massive Wins

Last but not least – if you’re serious about your CS:GO betting endeavors, take things slowly! That’s basically the biggest and most important advice I can provide you with. Having unrealistic expectations AKA expecting massive wins right off the bat, is a sure way to lose all your money chasing big returns. It’s just not going to happen. Think of betting on CS:GO as a long-term thing – plenty of small wins make up for massive numbers at the end of the year.

Team Liquid vs. Gen.G Predictions

I knew right from the start that Team Liquid vs. Gen.G predictions are going to be tougher than usual CS:GO picks. For once, we’re looking at the best NA team going up against one of the best up-and-coming NA teams. They both had identical scores in the group stage and will be hoping to make a statement and reach the grand finals through the lower bracket. Their aspirations are high, no doubt about that, but only one of them will have the chance to prevail following the end of this match…

Last Few Matches

I’m sure you all know about Gen.G’s marvelous ESL One: Road to Rio campaign where they finished off with the flattering title. Everyone thought Gen.G was another one-hit-wonder coming from NA, but with each passing campaign, koosta and the boys are proving the haters wrong.

Their BLAST Premier Showdown ended in heartbreak, that’s true, but they might have a bit more luck on DreamHack Masters Spring. They have the roster quality, both individually and collectively, to make up for that nasty defeat against Evil Geniuses. Alongside that defeat, Gen.G also lost against FURIA in the group stage, following a tightly contested draw with MIBr. They did defeat Chaos, but that match won’t affect our Team Liquid vs. Gen.G predictions all that much.

As for team Liquid, they didn’t compete on BLAST Premier Showdown which means their last competitive matches were during DH Masters Spring group stage. We’re talking about competitive matches here, so no – we’re not counting the GWB charity event.

Liquid’s group stage started with a surprising loss to Chaos and was followed up with a not-so-surprising loss to FURIA. Luckily, Team Liquid managed to turn things around with a win against MIBR. If they had lost that match too, they wouldn’t go past the group stage…

Map Pool Shenanigans

As far as the map pool goes, both teams are pretty well-versed and capable of playing on several maps at an admirable level. However, Team Liquid has to be pointed out as the superior side here, despite not being in the best of forms lately. Liquid’s form on Dust 2, Inferno, and Overpass is far superior to that of Gen.G. But, in Gen.G’s defense, they should have the upper hand on Mirage and Train, while the likes of Nuke and Vertigo are no man’s land. While I still can’t say with certainty which way my Team Liquid vs. Gen.G predictions are going to go, I can say that we’ll probably witness three highly competitive maps.

Final Thoughts

Can Gen.G come to another surprising win or will Team Liquid get back up on their feet and start dominating the NA region like in the good old days? Well, I honestly think the boys in blue will emerge victorious here, but betting on them (-334) doesn’t yield that much value. But, considering the fact Gen.G has two solid maps they can count on even against strong teams such as Team Liquid, combining TL to win, and total maps over seems like a viable choice. In other words, I’m referring to the good old correct score wager:

My Prediction

Yep, I’m a big fan of correct score wagers these days, despite the fact I have no success to back it all up. Still, this should be all but a straightforward match! Team Liquid is in better form than Gen.G and they have a better roster (objectively). Still, Liquid’s form isn’t superb. Their overall w/l ratio in the group stage is the same as that of Gen.G… meaning this one could go either way.

If Train doesn’t get banned, I’m confident that’s going to be the map Gen.G takes away from the boys in blue. If not Train, then Mirage, for sure! Team Liquid has shown us pretty lackluster performances on those maps in recent weeks, while Gen.G performed pretty well and made some of their biggest accomplishments on them.

All in all, Team Liquid vs. Gen.G predictions was a tricky treat, but I’m positive Team Liquid boys will come to their senses and emerge victorious, following a hard-fought battle with automatic and the Gen.G boys.

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