Team Liquid vs. MIBR Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Betting Predictions

Team Liquid vs. MIBR Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Betting Predictions

It’s time for another CS:GO treat for all you esports betting enthusiasts out there! We’re still on a roll, and let’s not stop here! Let’s keep on going with Liquid vs. MIBR predictions. The match between two fiery NA sides is scheduled for tomorrow evening meaning there’s still plenty of time to do extensive research and find the ideal betting opportunities.

Why are we pushing esports predictions so much lately? Well, isn’t the answer obvious? To put it simply – there’s nothing else we can predict out there. Esports matches are the only top-tier sporting events that are still live, which is why our esports writers (mostly me) are working extra hard during these trying times.

Now that we got that out of our way, let’s say a quick thing or two about CS:GO betting before moving onto the main topic for today – Liquid vs. MIBR predictions!

How to Bet on ESL One: Road to Rio | CS:GO Betting Tips

You’d like to start your own CS:GO betting career but you have no idea where to start? Worry not, young padawan – we got just what you need. Our in-depth guide on how to bet on CS:GO is here for everyone who’s having a tough time figuring stuff out. We know the online betting industry can be a tough nut to crack, which is why we’ve made that guide in the first place. Go on, take a look before you start reading the Liquid vs. MIBR predictions down below!

If you want a short recap of the crucial do’s and don’ts, here’s the rundown:


  • Always do your own pre-match research
  • Double-check your facts via multiple sources
  • Explore the depths of esports specials
  • Take your time in between bets
  • Join multiple bookies and compare the odds


  • Don’t blindly trust “CS:GO inside tips”
  • Don’t invest the money you can’t afford to lose
  • Don’t bet when drunk or high
  • Don’t think you can get rich overnight
  • Don’t start chasing your losses
  • Don’t rush needless bets

With all that done and dusted, let’s turn our attention to Liquid vs. MIBR predictions and the best way of cashing in on the upcoming set of ESL One: Road to Rio NA matches!

Liquid vs. MIBR Predictions

The last time these two played against each other was roughly a month ago. Late March, during the ESL Pro League S11 NA, to be more precise. Liquid took the W with just nine lost rounds across both maps. Liquid was the better team in four out of five last head to head matches against the Brazilian side. The last time MIBR took Team Liquid down was almost a year ago. That ought to be a valuable info for our Liquid vs. MIBR predictions!

Here’s a closer look at the teams’ head to head matches, courtesy of

Team Liquid vs. MIBR Predictions and Head to Head Stats

Form & Team Morale

Form-wise, MIBR’s win over Yeah should put winds of victory in their sails. However, Liquid won the first-round match up too, so they cancel each other out. Prior to that, Liquid was far more dominant. Need I remind you, we’re talking about the team that won the recently finished ESL Pro League S11 NA.

MIBR, on the other hand, participated on both Flashpoint and ESL PL but failed to reach an admirable result. Yes, they played the grand finals of Flashpoint, but MAD Lions took them down seemingly effortlessly. MIBR’s hot-and-cold form is still going strong. The lack of coldzera remains the biggest issue of what once was the best CS:GO roster in the world… It’s a sad story, really… Brazil is finally going to get a taste of the Major, but it seems as though they won’t have a single proper team to contest for the title.

CS:GO Predictions for This Match

Now is the time to point out my Liquid vs. MIBR predictions. The real stuff, some would say… We already covered a great deal of information, so let’s keep going with the same pace!

When talking about general roster qualities, obviously, Liquid is the better team here. They have a superior set of players, a much more complex tactical approach, and a broader map pool, which gives them more leeway in the banning phase. MIBR’s map pool is decent too, and they won’t have to choose between the better of two evils, but if push comes to shove, we all know Liquid’s qualities will erupt to the surface.

With out-of-form TACO and meyern, realistically speaking, MIBR has nothing to look for in this matchup. However, with the likes of fer and FalleN in solid form, they might end up taking a map off the boys in blue. That said, here are my thoughts regarding concrete Liquid vs. MIBR predictions

I honestly wouldn’t go with anything else other than a simple match-winner on Team Liquid. Some of you might be interested in stuff like totals or correct score, which are typically viable options. However, considering the complexity of this matchup, everything besides a simple match-winner is going to overcomplicate things. Go simple, stay on the safe side!

Liquid vs. MIBR Predictions
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